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  1. [links removed] xoxoxoxoxoxoxo mod note: user was warned for this post
  2. “She’s deemed two songs good enough to share with me. The first single, “Downhill Lullaby,” is a five-and-a-half-minute, goth-noir, chamber-pop piece—with strings!—that could have easily closed an episode of the revived “Twin Peaks.” (The association may be deliberate: Sky appeared in the show’s 2017 return, deeply admires its director, David Lynch, and the series’ music supervisor, Dean Hurley, produced the song alongside her.) Another forthcoming track, tentatively titled “Don’t Forget,” is a new wave time warp, a lovely bit of nostalgia therapy for people who were never there—even if it is, according to Sky, “about burning down houses.” “Those who have followed Sky’s personal life could easily read “Downhill Lullaby” as an extended metaphor about a tumultuous relationship: “I can see that you want me/Going downhill too/Going downhill into a lullaby.” But she’s adamant about distancing her songwriting from the egos of her ex-boyfriends. “That’s the one rule I made,” she says. “The one thing that I’ve always had is my music. If someone treated me badly, they don’t get to have that. I don’t want to drag the weight of what they did around forever.” “Downhill Lullaby” summons the creeping orchestral gloom of “Night Time, My Time.” A sweeping arrangement in five parts, Masochism’s first single begins with a sashay of strings and an interpolation of the unmistakable squee of the Verve’s “Bitter Sweet Symphony,” followed by a murmuring, angered bass. Sky exhales a numb indictment—“You leave me open/When you hit me”—and amid the layers of kettle-drum thunder and keening violins, there’s seduction and revenge, confusion and queasiness, silkiness and elegance. It sounds like the last thing Daniel Day Lewis’ Reynolds Woodcock hears before the poison takes hold in Phantom Thread.” “As for Masochism. She tells me she produced most of it herself, wrote with Los Angeles-based dream-pop artist Tamaryn, and worked with Ariel Pink collaborator Jorge Elbrecht. The proper album is coming, Sky swears, almost positively in 2019. Granted, she said the same thing last year—and the year before that and the year before that and the year before that—but this time, she has finally loosened her grip on some songs” ““Downhill Lullaby” may sound like dying Disney birds and “Don’t Forget” may be electro-pop arson, but Sky promises “more poppy” songs on Masochism too, as well as more “abstract,” orchestral stuff. “It’s very big, but also very violent,” she says, half-chuckling. “But not all the songs are super-dark.” Beyond that—the number of songs, tracklist, other credited collaborators—who can say? Sky can’t yet. She has some songs in mind she’d still like to write.”
  3. I really have no idea on how anyone could support or believe Timothy after her and her friend said rape is a ''mental thing''. Timothy also supports Lena Dunham who confessed to sexually assaulting her younger sister and Amber Heard who swore under oath she abused Johnny Depp. Melanie & Timothy weren't even in the same state when the ''rape'' was happening.. anyways Bittersweet Tragedy is still a masterpiece.
  4. She's not a singer anymore. She's an Instagram model now
  5. I’m so excited for My Strange Addiction. Her 2nd best song is coming
  6. Dynamite State


    The song itself didn't leak. Slayyyter sent the cover art to people in Twitter groupchats if I remember correctly and that's how people got it
  7. Dynamite State


    Yes, the song was track #6 on the original version of the mixtape with BFF, Ghost, I'm High, etc The song is not going to be released anymore
  8. Kim & Aaron Joseph who co-wrote literally all of her songs with her unfollowed each other on Twitter. I wonder what happened..
  9. Omg Downhill Lullaby comes out tommorow in NZ
  10. Does anyone have an alt cover for Love + Fear? All of the songs are really colourful to me, black & white doesn’t fit the mood of the songs.
  11. New song: https://youtube.com/watch?v=4Q2kEd3cmIE
  12. Fire https://twitter.com/SkyFUpdates/status/1017837096193740802 ------------------------------ @@National Anthem Victoria Horn is the original writer/singer of Overplayed and DTB. She sold them to Sky in 2009. The demos we have aren't sung by Sky but people consider them Sky leaks because they're demos for her
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