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  1. ‘Ever since I fell out of love with you I break dance to the back beat’ the image of Lana breakdancing now lives rent free in my head
  2. Shaw

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    What the one word she mentions on the album but has never mentioned before that explains ‘pretty much everything’? Not being friends with her mother or something?
  3. Don’t really understand LB turning their nose up because Lana is singing Arcadia when it directly addresses and hones in on her emotions and experience from her position. It’s empowering, I’m glad she’s doing this one. Emphasising her story and asserting her authority over her vision and life. Love it, gorgeous song especially on the second verse
  4. I think she’s acknowledging that due to her status as a star, she is taken care of quite easily in the privilege that comes with that status, and was so in her own bubble that she had been ignorant to certain things and walked into looking like a bad person? I think… I remember Lorde said recently that she had her IV come to her rather than having to struggle in going and getting help, which is informing my interpretation
  5. For the single covers of the three singles, was there ever an explanation for the bruising on her chest? And in what order do I listen to them in? I want to try and get into them more
  6. Briefly thought the ‘weird synth’ was not meant to be a part of the song realised it was edited out by one of us in the supposed ‘hq leak’ I pray for u dealer, u and that off key synth in the second verse of yours Do you think the album version will have this synth?
  7. I’m acquiring some psychedelics within the next twenty four hours and playing dealer on loop, this song is one of my favourites she’s done? Instantly love it, such a weird atmosphere, I’ve never heard anything like it
  8. Maybe it’s my mental illness sucking joy out of everything but text book, WW and especially Blue Banisters are all really stale for me since release I’ve barely revisited them, and I find it hard to get excited over leaked songs making it onto the track list even though I haven’t really listened to them. Hope this album will be good though whatever it ends up being.
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