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  1. Part of the reason why I enjoy watching Lana as a person is because she doesn’t conform to industry expectations and ideals and is firm in her own beliefs. It would be really boring for me if she had a social media team and all of her posts were run of the mill. I know that it’s disappointing when she doesn't stick to her word when it comes to release dates etc but at the end of the day I don’t want an album that isn’t done from her or any other artist. A lot of artists don’t even let you in on the fact that they’re preparing an album. I think she knows exactly what she’s doing announcing her album titles so early keeping a constant anticipation from listeners who really enjoy her. She doesn’t actually owe her fans anything, we are all here by choice and it’s depressing seeing people get upset over a popular artist not releasing an album quick enough for them. If she is tested negative as Chuck said and is showing up wearing a mask she thinks is beautiful then it’s really her prerogative and only putting herself at risk, she is entitled to do so whether it’s a bad look or not. I think she has made it abundantly clear over the years that when it comes to people having a say on what she does or says- she doesn’t care in the slightest. She is living for herself. At times her communication isn’t constructed with any tact but anyone with the brain capacity to extend their thoughts a bit further than the surface can read between the lines and understand what she’s getting at.
  2. Shaw

    Instagram Updates

    What was it she said In the bridge of Brooklyn Baby again...?
  3. chile... the songs are done and she’s structuring the perfect tracklist, taking her time with it. Why everything gotta be doom and gloom? I was excited watching her talk about it and spotlight her poetry
  4. This is an amazing visual I’m actually terrified
  5. If your interpretation holds any truth then this must be why I resonate with the poem so much having a bit of a poor relationship with my own mother, I didn’t even know how to interpret what she was saying I just understood her tone and the hesitation on some of the lines, enjoying how bleak and how the audio poem sounds like it’s coming to a boil by the end like she’s about to get pushed over the edge and commit the treason she spoke about. thanks for posting that
  6. One day I am going to miss the wonder and speculation of what Lana’s next album might sound like, I can never be sure if she will stop making music at any point after an album. I feel like it’s how she operates as a person and needs to make music and art to keep herself sane but I’m trying to enjoy this period when we’re waiting for Chemtrails because I feel so excited for what new experience she’s going to bring. If I could go back to the wait for Ultraviolence I would in a heartbeat and I wish I enjoyed it more. I’ve been going through her whole discography and each song has so many specific memories and feelings attached to them. So greatful for her and I feel that this body of work is going to be beautiful and one of her best, I think it will be different to what she’s done before. We’ll see. I just don’t want to be miserable waiting on her to drop a record anymore even if she promises it for a certain date and doesn’t deliver, an album a year is pretty good for an artist of her caliber <3 just something I’ve been thinking about
  7. Charlie’s Instagram story... bulletholes being shot through the walls to allow the light into wherever that is. Wasn’t there a Make-up artist creating wounds on set? Who’s she shooting? Is she getting shot?
  8. Shaw

    Charli XCX

    I think that she’s approaching it in an ironic sense
  9. Shaw

    Charli XCX

    She just posted on Instagram with blonde hair... personally, I’m preparing to stan this next era forever #top40
  10. Dunno if it’s the angle or whatever but she’s looking really good. A lot less puffiness in the cheeks
  11. The real clowns on LB are those who are claiming an 11 second snippet (of which only 9 seconds are audible) sounds too reminiscent of NFR. It’s literally 11 seconds. You love to complain don’t you
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