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  1. Doja Cat

    Ayesha Erotica

    They also used her song in a Brooke Candy promo video for some fashion thing, and they collabed for Brookes album if the rumors are true
  2. Doja Cat


    Stop sleeping on her! These are all bops omg
  3. Doja Cat

    Brooke Candy

    Apparently she has Ayesha Erotica collab
  4. Doja Cat


    That shit is being passed more than the twinks at the bathhouse, is there anyone who doesn't have it?
  5. Chile... is she on drugs or something?
  6. Doja Cat


    Deathwish is single worthy material, Jillian wtf
  7. Doja Cat


    I'll still be a cumdump for whoever is leaking all this shit
  8. Doja Cat


    Why are III outtakes better than the songs on the album
  9. Doja Cat


    I really like every single one of these sns
  10. Doja Cat


    OMFG you are an icon! Thank you so much!!!! A saviour.
  11. Doja Cat

    Melanie Martinez

    The real MM2 is here
  12. Doja Cat

    Melanie Martinez

    Drink from the Leeches of sireeeens
  13. Doja Cat

    Melanie Martinez

    Ugh the Evil snippet made me so thirsty, I dont want to overplay snippets, give them to us RIGHT NEOOWW!
  14. Doja Cat

    Ryn Weaver

    Please release something soon queen, take my money.
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