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  1. I think the music would reflect it if that was the case... let's not forget she probably wouldn't recognise references to music from 7 years ago, people on here probably have a more detailed off-the-cuff idea of her lyrics and connections in them
  2. This reminded me that quite some time ago she posted about reading a book called something like "women who run with wolves"
  3. Why is this thread not locked when it came out on September 5th...?
  4. Can't wait for her to finally drop info so we can all purchase her album and for people to say she's "feeding" us lol
  5. Not people trying to say she's doing controversial stuff for promo.... Ma'am just accept she isn't who you thought she was and go, I think she'd sooner do real promo than this roundabout way....
  6. "buy the book first xxx" they really take her fanbase being rabid pockets of money for granted don't they. And the worst thing is that people will just dutifully buy it. The lack of respect for the fanbase, teasing the fact that people want to know when the music is coming SO THEY CAN BUY IT is just crazy to me.
  7. Interesting, maybe they caught wind of the 25th date too. Either way I wouldnt put too much into what magazines say seeing as we can't put much into what ms grant says
  8. The magazine may have been going on the outdated September 5th date, seeing as it would have been written before then
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