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  1. Skipped my meds so I can fully immerse myself in this insanity. Album out TONIGHT!
  2. it’s really come to this huh i hope we have plenty of archives of her posts, i would be devastated if it was all lost i hope she’s alright and if she’s not, i hope she’s working towards doing alright. i stopped posting on social media a while ago and it did wonders for my self image etc. so i think this will be good for her. she just sounded so sad in the video…i thought i could see tears in her eyes whatever prompted this decision must’ve had a big impact on her so i’m sending sooooo much love (but imagine if she comes back within, like, a week. she’d make a whole circus out of us. we’d have to rename to clownboards)
  3. it’s probably not likely to happen but…a cover of this song would be a dream lana if you’re reading this, think about it babe
  4. omg i was thinking the same thing when i first listened…it’s very act 2, when the main character is finally beginning to figure out the resolution to their main conflict then the interlude plays as they realize what they have to do and they go take down the antagonist/resolve the conflict anyways…memory from cats (1981) cover when???
  5. MORNING YALL TODAYS THE DAY i’m so excited i could piss myself
  6. was still pondering on whether i should listen to Thee leaked song or not . so i decided to ask my cat put two treats out, the left treat was yes and right treat was no. whichever she ate first would be her response well. my cat is a dumbass single celled organism…she walked in between the treats and just came to me instead the question remains unanswered but i’ll be playing arcadia for her tomorrow so she remembers not to take these things lightly
  7. oh my goddd you guys so much happened while i was taking my midday catnap ykno i’ve been lurking here since That day in september last year but i was always too shy to post … i feel super excited to actually be involved in the pre-release this time around anyways..
  8. absolutely not , i’ve cried to that song during drives so many times that i now have a genuine dependency on it
  9. morning ladies, it’s 8am and i have not slept at all due to insomnia but ALSO excitement for the transcendence we’ll be experiencing tomorrow cannot wait for the collective catastrophic meltdown
  10. another loss for the roses bloom for you community … we’ll get through this bloomers keep holding on
  11. @lustforlife please tell me if rbfy is on the album…whisper it in my ear like we’re kids on the playground i’m ur biggest fan
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