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  1. Please excuse my ignorance but when people refer to the white vinyl, do they mean the transparent white vinyl or is there a pure white version?
  2. krockroc

    Zella Day

    I can't wait for the new album. I discovered Zella through her beautiful work with Lana on Chemtrails. There's not many artists out there like Lana, where every track on every album is a masterpiece. I absolutely love Kicker. Every song is perfect. I'm Just wondering if anyone here has a spare vinyl copy that I can buy? Or point me in the direction of where I can buy it for a reasonable price. Would love to have this in my collection of vinyl masterpieces.
  3. I would never skip 'For Free'. It's an incredible song IMO, in every every way possible. I feel very lucky that I can listen to Lana on a high-end system that's pretty much built for her music. It really sounds like a concert in my living room. Wish I could share a photo. I just wish people (the doubters) could experience 'For Free' on a system that reveals the full dynamic range of that song. I played FF to a friend who never listens to Lana and it made her tearful, she was overwhelmed with emotion. Anyway, sorry to interrupt a BB thread but not everyone dislikes that song. Maybe if everyone liked it, it wouldn't be that good
  4. Yes, with the best system possible. All of her albums sound incredible in high resolution with the right system. I've spent £10k on mine and I dont consider myself an audiophile. I feel bad as there's so much more to discover in the high-res format. And vinyl offers a different but equally exceptional experience. Wish I could let you listen to it on my system
  5. How are you listening to it—what system are you using? And what format—MP3, CD, vinyl, 16 bit FLAC file? To my ears, the production (in full resolution) is absolutely incredible. I am absolutely loving the vinyl and the high-res digital version. Both sound amazing in different ways. Every single track fascinates me. I've invested quite a lot of money in my hi-fi system over the years. Mainly to get as close as possible to the artists (and producers) true vision.
  6. Hi, I'm new to this forum and will hopefully contribute more soon. I saw a post somewhere on this forum with all the vinyl variations and it mentioned that there is a red vinyl with alternative cover with no text. Is this true and if so who is selling it? Thanks in advance. PS I've already ordered 11 copies so far.
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