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  1. wce is so disappointing lol basic prod, basic lyrics, nothing bombastic. i was expecting a top tier bridge according to the insiders but nah it didn't happen.
  2. Loved You Then And Now must be one of those bombastic outtakes.
  3. Coachella - garbage prod, sounds like a Love + Fear outtake, could've been just a folk song like many of Chemtrails How To Disappear - sounds cheap, like Jack was playing and not actually producing TNBAR - the prod is good, the only thing that fucking disturbs me is the chorus (wtf was that, the demo sounded better) Breaking Up Slowly and LMLYLAW - lacks seasoning, too shy vocally and the instrumentals are too simple Nectar Of The Gods - quite weak, actually this one should be out of the album and it also lacks a good chorus
  4. I love the fake tracklists! Here's mine: Rock Candy Sweet 1. Talk Of The Times (Intro) (1:02) 2. Subversive (7:00) 3. Rock Candy Sweet (4:34) 4. Schrödinger's Cat (8:45) 5. Santa Monica Sinner (4:56) 6. Midnight Cowboys (4:13) 7. Rosary (5:14) 8. Dope (4:27) 9. Widow (4:37) 10. Ballerina (Interlude) (2:09) 11. Trail Of Tears (3:49) 12. Pink Camelia (4:02) 13. Reverie (4:23) 14. Winter Comes Once In A While (3:27) 15. River Phoenix (6:21) info: lots of electric guitars and screaming in the first tracks and the last one, more rock country influences in the middle (track 5-6), jazz fusion, ambient/metal/spacy on track 7-8 BB production on track 11-14, elusive honeymoon-esque interludes. Her Magnus opus prod by Emile, Zach, Mike, Dan, Jack and Gabes all together.
  5. I just wanted LDR9 to sound jazzy/bluesy like Tired Of Singing The Blues, Heavy Hitter, Call When You Call Me, Trash Magic, Pin Up Galore, Because Of You, Hollywood's Dead, Children Of The Bad Revolution and Velvet Crowbar
  6. Any BOZ/Eclipse news about the making of the record/outtakes? That's the tea I'm most excited to hear
  7. not ready for the guitar ersasure in Nectar and Living Legend. Still I'm glad that IYLDWM and Violets For Roses have this Honeymoon-esque production/instrumentals and that Black Bathing Suit is not a trap song, we (mostly) won I guess
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