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  1. Miss Lana performances where she was visibly intoxicated with pupils like dinner plates
  2. Get Free Lost* For Amy and for Whitney And all my birds of paradise Who never got to fly at night 'And perhaps they never will Sometimes it feels like I've got a war in my mind I want to get off, I’m fucking sick of this ride I never really noticed that I had to decide To play someone's game, or take my own life
  3. Somebody hard of hearing/anybody that has the ability to read lips needs to transcribe what she said during the part of her live where the sound went out
  4. he isn't gunna fuck you 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
  5. Lil Nas X, literally over sexualizing homosexuality for shock value in a sad attempt to get the GP to stream his music, and then public eats it up and call him a marketing genius when it’s really that he has absolutely zero morals, the quality of his music or talent alone will never get him recognition so he has to rely on public acts of indecency, and then seeing the industry embrace him it’s like what the fuck stupid faggot who decided that his response to homophobia was to worship the devil, “oh people were mean to me for being gay let me idolize the fucking devil” what a sad man, he’s ugly as FUCK too User has been warned for this post
  6. Taylor Secman

    Melanie Martinez

    The last film made 300k on a nearly 6 million budget! Who keeps giving her the budget to keep making movies lmao
  7. Emile and Mike have worked together on Runaway which is one of Kanye’s most important songs
  8. I believe in astrology, but I don’t understand it what does this indicate?
  9. Polydor and her team are so embarrassing for having a streaming party, they’re clearly desperate to raise these streaming numbers (despite everyone in this thread claiming no one cares about streaming numbers) this is some justin bieber begging ppl for streams on instagram type mess
  10. I’m so curious as to what fucked up shit Lana’s ancestors did that’s necessary of her to heal her karmic lineage, I have some theories but nothing substantial
  11. I never said it was objectively bad I said it was uninteresting, don’t put words in my mouth. Also saying her current music is objectively good is not an okay assertion to make. And why is relatable music the measure of how good a song is??! To me at least, you don’t have to relate to something for it to be good. People watch keeping up with the kardashians because it’s relatable? No, because its exciting and fun to watch rich people do shit. Interesting storytelling doesn’t have to be relatable to be intriguing. Most of the time NOT ALL of the time there should be some element of fantasy to keep things interesting
  12. I literally said that the themes shes exploring about simplicity i don’t find interesting ☠️ You’re constantly projecting telling me that anyone who doesn’t find her current music captivating are all just wanting another born to die or some lolita type bullshit. She went from singing about the chateau marmont and exotic cars to her pickup truck toyota and the hilton hotel which are very normal every day places and things. Lets not act like she isn’t idolizing the mundane at this point, because she is. She literally doesn’t want an exciting life anymore and the music reflects that, period.
  13. She’s written about things that aren’t entirely real in the past but she’s actually still writing about things that aren’t entirely real now too. Throughout her songwriting she’s always used her lyrics as a method of manifestation for things she wants in her life, when she was living in a trailer park she’d write about living in the glamorous part of hollywood and diamonds, getting fame noteriety and rivera’s etc, and these were often fantastical ideals that made the music to me at least very interesting. They became true for her when they manifested themselves eventually with the weird way the universe works or whatever she’s been able to get the things she writes about, almost prophetic now she’s still trying to manifest a simple life, “give me children take away my pain”, “i’ve got a kid and two cats in the yard”, “A simple life, I chose this”, these things may not have manifested yet but she’s still writing about things that aren’t entirely real in an attempt to like bring them into her life but there really is not much interesting about the imagery she’s associated her songwriting with currently it isn’t fantastical or as you said dreamy, theres nothing too exciting about a simple life with a child and being in the backyard but it is what she thinks will give her happiness
  14. I disagree that she is experimenting, and the songs are not complex, her writing is very much simple and more autobiographical like literally a diary entry and direct inner monologue, she’s definitely going for the less is more route which is like fine, she wants a simple life and these are simple songs about the her every day life, nothing more this isn’t like experimentation I think she’s just settled into her new sound and this is it, its where she’s comfortable at as an artist, i don’t see her experimenting with new sounds and her last 3 records show that she isnt going to really experiment, we’re going to be seeing more piano
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