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  1. There is definitely more tnan enough demand for lana in Australia. I would not doubt it she could sell out multiple shows here.
  2. I feel like its still coming, the comment about potentially doing a stadium tour next year? It would make sense for the album to come prior.
  3. Happy birthday to THE album. Thankyou for the 10/10 supply. Old money and Black beauty changed my life.
  4. True i find it werid that fan pages are posting it… like she clearly didnt know she was being filmed, i couldnt imagine a world where should want it everywhere aswell, especially by the fans.
  5. i would die to see it in real life, it would be crazy i could imagine
  6. Jimmy jimmy coco puff u will always be famous. Is it hope interlude now…
  7. its like shes trying to take a picture in her head to remember this moment
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