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  1. sis check the hidden replies
  2. Yes i think he deleted it because it’s gone edit: he didn’t oops
  3. The mashup was with Kehlani’s Gangsta and the Sickick Remix of Gangsta’s Paradise that features vocals from Jealous Girl
  4. Why did “Everything at the End of Time” play at the end
  5. I have to check a website so many times to see if someone ripped it in 1080p Quality so I hope so
  6. https://x.com/brodysverslon/status/1779021537661907230?s=46 GOSH ITS SO BEAUTIFUL
  7. right but I’m so confused how are peoples numbers getting leaked?
  8. oh my god like 3 peoples phone numbers got leaked in that chat wtf
  9. The people are saying she sound checked Jealous Girl & Without You
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