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  1. someone please also politely ask The Quietus to make it a 100/100 review
  2. GUYS WERE BACK TO 81 with RC (80) and LA Times (80-100) to be added https://www.metacritic.com/music/did-you-know-that-theres-a-tunnel-under-ocean-blvd/lana-del-rey/critic-reviews?sort-by=date
  3. it's a bop wait at him having an official tiktok account https://www.tiktok.com/@robgrantmusic
  4. the way we all thought the trio release from BB would be the most revealing tracks of her discog just for her to reveal much more on this record
  5. now that you mention it, interesting how she has 4 covers but not a signed copy version on her site
  6. not the interludes outstreaming grandfather on youtube (+ the video title couldnt even fit)
  7. AOTY - DYKTTATUOB ROTY - A&W SOTY - DYKTTATUOB / The Grants Pop Solo Performance - DYKTTATUOB / The Grants Pop Duo - Candy Necklace Pop Record - DYKTTATUOB
  8. it's also her more well-thought and polished with better-structured songs on the album
  9. i'm still waiting for some sort of "album roll out campaign" that we;re pormised with
  10. we need the entire stadium audience to BUY, STREAM, and PLAY the whole album ON REPEAT
  11. the way she keeps us wondering if we know that there's an account called oceanblvd.... life imitates art indeed
  12. i guess it's a lot of about narrative building and mass appealing with an "intellectual" twist would get the best critics score... tunnel is too introspective and distant from casual listener... so quite a lot of the mid reviewers are left confused... either by the interlude / the long piano ballads / the last three bops
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