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Paradise - Post-Release Discussion Thread + Poll


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  1. 1. What are your favourite songs from Paradise?

    • Ride
    • American
    • Cola
    • Body Electric
    • Blue Velvet
    • Gods & Monsters
    • Yayo
    • Bel Air
    • Burning Desire

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lol bc she had a trakk cawld PARADISE but than D-sides dat it w0n't b2 0n da ablum. :D :D :D :D :D

ironic shitposting is still shitposting :eek:

It was an excercise in sublimination.

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The album name is fine--she reacts to lots of buzz-words, Paradise is a good one. Paradise is...

- Freedom in Ride

- Love in American

- Tainted in Gods & Monsters

- Everything in Bel Air


It's prevalent enough.


However, the name + the album artwork does not convey the right message, not at all good sir.

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I'm probably not gonne write so much under each song 'cause I suck at explaining what I like about a song, if it's not the lyrics. :creep:


Ride 10/10

This song is just perfect. I can't…ugh…just no. Love it.


American 6.5/10

I really like the song, but it's not the most interesting one on the album.


Cola 10/10



Body Electric 9/10

I didn't like it at first, when we got the snippets, but it has grown on me and I love it. The chours are amazing. I don't very often like chours, I usually think they're rather boring, but the drums in this song are just fucking amazing.


Blue Velvet 7/10

I don't have much to say about it, but I really like it.


Gods & Monsters 100000/10 tbh

This song is the best on the album. When she sings "No one’s gonna take my soul away" I just kinda die.


Yayo 5/10

I love the song, but this version isn't that good. And the effect on the vocals kinda annoys me.


Bel Air 8/10

It's good, nothing to say about it really.


Burning Desire 5/10

Love it, but it shouldn't be on there tbh. I'm really glad it isn't on the physical version, since Bel Air is a perfect closing track.


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Get ready for my flop review



Ride - 9/10

To be honest, when this was first announced, my reaction was "Ride? That's a weird name for a single". When it was premiered, I was expecting for something like Dark Paradise + Summertime Sadness epicness, but hell broke. It was on my half play thru. When it reached to the climax where she sing "I'm tired..." part, I was blown away. On par with both Blue Jeans and Video Games, combined with drums and strings, you cannot imagine how this song will blow you away without hearing it.


American - 10/10

From first time hearing the snippet, I marked my word that this song must be the next single. It's catchy and nonetheless, patriotic. The production may be similar with Born To Die, nothing can stop this track from blowing you away with the catchy intro "Play house / Put my favorite record on". Love at first hear. Strings being stitched together with her soft yet high note of "oohhh" makes you wonder, can this lady get any better? Try listen to American while you're in a moving car while looking outside, it fits for me.


Cola - 10/10

"My pussy taste like pepsi cola" - Doesn't it sound catchy to you? Many of us were surprised by her with both positive and negative comment. It is simply the transition of a good Born-To-Die-girl to a more mature Paradise-girl. "Drug, suck it up like vanilla iceys" - Generally can be said as most fans favorite not to mention the outbreak of her voice after that - superbly amazing (the first time i hear her go this high pitch!). The strings in the intro really bring up the mysterious and paired together with her sedated/wasted voice makes the whole song element being projected out - which explains what this song is really all about - cunninglingus. Lana does not sing about her pussy only once, she sang it thrice which makes you ponder - does her pussy really taste like pepsi cola? (Btw, who's Ah he anyway?)


Body Electric - 8/10

The production on this track is fantastic. Why? Hop on your earphone and listen to the instrumental introduction. Not much explanation needed here, this song can be said as the one of the fandom few favorite track after Cola and Gods & Monsters.


Blue Velvet - 7/10

Classic yet, her voice fits perfectly. Even my mom loves it ! Nothing much to say though but it was quite short


Gods and Monsters - 6/10

Okay, I love this track but i have to be honest. Flashing back to the day she posted the 30 second preview of G&M, i was blown away by it. After hearing the full version of it, it sounded abit repetitive, especially the phrase "life imitates art". However, this is the first track which i love after hearing the preview she has posted. The production was precise and i love the smaller details being added into it such as the screaming on second verse. (The intro instrumental was interesting too !)


Yayo - 5/10

At first before the preview was released, I never liked the song. After hearing the preview, it makes me hated it more and more. Though, I force myself to hear to de Lizzy Grant Aka Lana Del Ray version over and over and i fell in love with that version. It is more "prepared". Yayo in Paradise was only being recorded in one shot. Which explains why it has a bit up side down sound wave, or sounded like one of her live version being recorded in studio. Though, I like the new production on this song. It sounded more lullaby-ish than using guitar.


Bel Air - 8/10

Very paradise-ish and dreamy. Even her voice sounded dreamy. Calm and soothing even if you blasted it at night. This is my second before-sleep song after Yayo. I am not fond to this song but after several listens, i fell in love with it.


Burning Desire - 9/10

The intro's piano melody might have indicate that this song is a killer. I was wondering why isn't this song being included in physical release as well? This song is a grower the first time you listen to it ! Then you will hit the repeat button and listen to it over and over again.


Overall - 8/10


I can say that this is my second most anticipated album after Born This Way. Not to mention personal experience on caught up with a bunch of other fans counting down and desperately waiting for the album ! (plus the leak anticipation too LOL). I can say that this EP is just enough to satisfy most of us as 8 track (or 9 if we include the bonus track) is kinda short. Similar to The Fame Monster.


Anticipation for the sales - begin



Willeo Soeurs


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Firstly, I would like to say how much of a good job Lana has done on this record - it truly showcases her amazing songwriting, vocals & the production, par from one or two songs are great. However, compared to Born To die, I'm unsure. Born To Die still seems so fresh and new & unique and totally different to anything I've ever heard, it's really hard to compare it to Paradise. I mean, I know it's meant to 'finish it off' in a way, but I feel like the songs are SO different on Paradise they shouldn't have attached it to the album - but I guess it was just a marketing strategy on the labels part. I don't know if it's just me, but Paradise just seems to be over so quickly, like many of Lana's songs in fact, they're all very sudden I find myself having to repeat them over and over to understand - but that's art I guess. Anyway let's move on with song rating:


Ride 4/5 - Overall it's a good song, not one of her best, but it's good. I don't know if it's just because I'm bored of it as it has been out for ages, but I always find myself skipping this track. The lyrics are good and it has good elements of production, but I don't know how I feel about it - I actually find it the weirdest single choice EVER, but then again so was Video Games and look what happened there.


American 5/5 - This, for me personally is my favorite song on the EP. Lyrically it's not amazing although it does have some beautiful lines, but it's the melody that really draws my attention & the chorus just fucking slaps bitches right in the face. It really connects with me in a personal way, because it's one of those songs I can feel like I can relate to - Even though, like any Lana song, I'm not 100% sure what she meant when she wrote it, I feel like i have my own interpretations of it that I can fit into my own situations. The only thing I don't like about this song is the line "I don't even know what I'm saying" - I just dislike it very much, it's just as bad as the line "I'm writing this song for you" that some artists feel that they have to put in at least one of their songs - NO JUST NO!


Cola 5/5 - I wasn't looking forward to this song as much as some were, but once I listened to it I must say I have joined the "Cola Craze". I have had the melody stuck in my head since i've listened to it and have been singing the line "my pussy taste like pepsi cola" out loud in classes all week i probably look like a right weirdo, but it's infectious & seductive & it makes Cola. It's definitely a guilty pleasure.


Body Electric 3/5 - I loved this song when we first heard it live, and now we finally have the studio version I feel like time has passed and that I don't really like it anymore. Don't get me wrong overall it's a blazing song and it is a very well thought out piece, but personally I can't feel the connection.


Blue Velvet 4/5 - It was a perfect cover for Lana and it just kills, I twirl when I hear it and that's always a good sign - it's a nice little breather from all the emotional lyrics from the other songs, so I'm kind of glad she has included it into Paradise.


Gods & Monsters 5/5 - For me it ties with 'American', I just can't get enough. I don't really know what to say about it rather than it's one of the most electrifying songs that i have ever heard from Lana - it's a masterpiece. I've seriously been thinking about getting "Life Imitates Art~Life Isn't That Hard" tattooed somewhere on my body in a few years, it's just so simple yet so true.


Yayo 4/5 - I like Yayo, I really do. I'm not going to write much about this - But I'm just going to say that i prefer the AKA version, simply because I don't really like her dramatic vocals on this version - too overproduced. I'll stick with the AKA version.


Bel Air 5/5 - "You're divine, didn't anyone ever tell you that BEL IS A FUCKING MASTERPIECE OF A SONG, THE PIANO OMFG, THE LYRICS OMFG, BEL AIR OMFG".


Burning Desire 4/5 - I just feel like this & 'Ride' should swap places, that is all.


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Born To Die -> Paradise It's pretty logical and I love it. If she was to end her career so early like she was saying she would that would be the perfect way to do it.

I live my life inside a dream.Only waking when I sleep..

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Born To Die -> Paradise It's pretty logical and I love it. If she was to end her career so early like she was saying she would that would be the perfect way to do it.


She's not tho. She already discussed her next album in a recent interview.


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She's not tho. She already discussed her next album in a recent interview.


I know this hon - that's why I spoke in past tense ^^

I live my life inside a dream.Only waking when I sleep..

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