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Lana to be a musical guest on the Jimmy Fallon Show - December 14th, 2020

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2 minutes ago, Bunny Mozart said:

It's 12am in the UK how long do I have to wait for this?

Over 5 hours 


actually probably exactly 5 hours 

"Don’t forget me"

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Who would have thought she’d fully return to making TV appearances to promote her singles? 

I’m looking forward to seeing her perform LMLYLAW! It’s even better than a premiere of COtCC. If she stays on her path :godlaugh:

What’s this devotion? You really seem like a good man
Bodies or oceans, I cling to you like your mainland

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It kind of makes sense that she’s performing LMLYLAW as at one point she and her team were probably confident the album could be released on 10th December. At least that’s just what I think.

Can’t wait to see her perform. I hope her team take this opportunity to have her make appearances on other talk shows too as most talk shows are not really live at the moment.


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