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  1. so has anyone found newfound bliss from let me love u like a goddess?
  2. HAAAAAAAAAAAAA seriously tho. that track's such a mood. honestly think that the Grammys know where they stand in society's eyes. and it's not getting much better. nothing else to be said tbh
  3. should've made nfr the aoty. the way it's a pandemic 2020 vibe. TG sounded like it was for the end of the world.
  4. I think it's important bc of marketing execs and how that might affect her future releases. Personally? I don't care either so long as the quality is there, but because she is in a stable position of fame/ under a label, these factors need to be at least considered from the business side of things. that being said, time'll treat her music well. and I'm thinking others just want her album up there to be proud of her and there's nothing much wrong w that imo.
  5. so long as release and rollout isn't affected we'll be fine. This might sound a bit mean but it's just objective. I don't really see his songwriting or style having improved or changed all that much dynamically. which is a shame bc I really do think his voice is unique and nice to listen to. the music's on different measurements and tiers. but it's best not to underestimate teenage hormones. he's a household name like it or not. the wait's been lowkey taxingly nauseating. we've a song teased thru social media. a supposed date that's being disproved by the minute. video of said song. an album trailer of some sort expected thru album rollout tradition. and of course the album. 2 days til march. 19 from there. the music's been phenomenal, which ironically can make the wait even harder. we'll be ok.
  6. dark but just a game, I wonder what it has to do with shadows
  7. c o o c c o c c o c c o c c c o c o c o c o c c o c o W D W D w w d d
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