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Nicki Minaj

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1 hour ago, LunaeManifestum said:

I really like the album tho its very Nicki. A few skips here and there but the majority of the songs are good. The feats are seeerviiing!!!!

Blessings and Nicki Hendrix had my fave beats. Blessings heavily reminds me of Friendzones music 

8 hours ago, Psychedelic Pussy said:

This is terrible sorry. I’m not a big Nicki fan but I was percheddddd for this album. Big let down. The intro track alone is so embarrassing. A few cute moments but nothing special nor memorable. Pink print & pink Friday outsold. She needed a FEW big female collaborators on here to make it work. The features are bad and yet they still carry their songs dkdjfjsksk

The intro could have been so much better. It should have been her all things go. The sample should have beeb pitched down all the way through and she should have done a full rap verse about her marriage and son, and then the sample cuts off halfway through the verse and then begins again shortly towards the end




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3 hours ago, Girl With No Face said:


  Reveal hidden contents

1. Are You Gone Already 

2. Barbie Dangerous 

3. RNB


5. Beep Beep

6. Fallin 4 U

7. Let Me Calm Down

8. Big Difference 

9. Red Ruby Da Sleeze 

10. Foward From Trini 

11. Pink Birthday 

12. Last Time That I Saw You 

13. My Life

14. Needle

15. Cowgirl

16. Pink Friday Girls

17. Super Freaky Girl 

18. Blessings 

19. Nicki Hendrix 


Deluxe Edition


20. Everybody 

21. Bahm Bahm

22. Just The Memories 


After listening this tracklist this should have been the overall album. Also the cd is so basic wtf 😭😭😭 i just got it earlier. No booklet 😭 her most disappointing era i fear



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1 hour ago, Rocket0212 said:

I actually really like only Red Ruby Da Sleeze. Kinda bad that digital version wasn't 10 tracks long, cause 22 was too much for me.

22 was defo a bit much. Should have been a deluxe. Also Red Ruby is one of the best. I think it going into Foward From Trini is one of very few cohesive moments




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9 minutes ago, TrashMagiq said:

the heart of glass sample is laughably bad...

Tbh its the only sample should have been discarded. Girls Just Wanna Have Fun is the best one imo bc its giving Easter Egg realness (context: during the PF era, 2010, Nicki and Katy Perry covered GJWHF live, and PF2 being the "sequal" to PF, do y'all see my vision or nah?)



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