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  1. https://dbree.org/v/00a23e
  2. https://dbree.org/v/a41490
  3. She's really scraping the barrel. I heard this a year ago and it was the worst thing I'd ever heard....
  4. Hope Rick Nowels comes for her ass x
  5. I could - but I won't because I wouldn't get any thanks for it <3
  6. There's an option on the site to number them when they're pressed but it would be out of 300, not 301. The one is mostly likely her own personal stock that she's requested. Just her trying to be quirky with the 301 "theme" again. Freedom should've been the digital bonus track instead of Let Dem Go.
  7. I mean, it isn't hard to make something look presentable... The back and labels are two completely different "designs"
  8. She ain't getting 50 preorders so she'll never have to worry about that. Can she stop getting her assistant to do everything for her because Cindy... these designs are atrocious.
  9. She's crowdfunding the release of Anarchy on vinyl, except this time you actually get your money back if she doesn't reach 50 pre-orders by February 3rd. https://www.diggersfactory.com/vinyl/233193/neon-hitch-anarchy On the other hand, it looks like shit so Imma pass on that one.
  10. No, it's just a collection of shit she recorded over the years.
  11. Ma'am... you weren't getting a 60+ track album, you aren't missing anything. I Like Boy isn't real.
  12. They should have let her release an EP at the very least.
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