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  1. It's so painful seeing everyone else meet her when she only waved at us as she was getting into her car after lolla But happy for y'all! I will have my day in the sun one day~
  2. Was just watching back some of the vid I took from last night at Lolla and it looks like she says "how this peak normality settles down over me" 🤔
  3. She didn't come over to us But she and Daddy Rob waved at us as they were getting into their car. I will meet her one of these days 🥲
  4. Waiting with a bunch of people in back to try to meet her WISH US LUCK PLS
  5. Ahhh thank you for sharing your firsthand experiences with this, Elle! I've been manifesting so hard all week. Today the forecast is looking so much better for us, thank god. I should know better than to get freaked out by a weather forecast more than a day in advance lol. The midwest is a fickle beast. Hoping for a brief and ethereal sunshower, if anything 🤞
  6. This exact thing happened to me with the cream version of Violet. It was long sold out so I accepted the refund. It ended up getting delivered like 2 months later. So basically I got it for free I hope you have as good luck as I did!
  7. Just looked at the weather and they're calling for scattered thunderstorms in the evening Everybody do the opposite of a rain dance please. This will be my 2nd time seeing her but first at Lolla. Any chance of meeting her there? How do people even go about that? I'll be driving down from Minneapolis so I won't be able to intercept her at the airport. I've never met her and would just absolutely die to~
  8. Kinda sounded like "He's born in December and I'm born in June. Now I'm gonna stop 'cause I spoke too soon." Maybe she's feeling sheepish after everyone's response to the tea spillage
  9. The multishow stream fkn sucks :/ Keeps lagging, they keep cutting to fans ugly crying in the audience and haven't done a single close-up of Lana since she switched outfits
  10. Love how much he pays attention to and picks up on nuance and intention. I appreciate what he said about the Judah Smith Interlude and 100% agree with him. Honestly I think everyone's being a giant baby about this interlude and I think it's ridiculous that it's being removed from future pressings. Takes 1 millisecond to skip if it's not your thing. Like this dude pointed out, lots of this album is disquieting and uncomfortable. It serves a purpose and it's a fkn vibe.
  11. I was listening to the album while driving to work today and I pulled up to a car with a white butterfly decal on the back just as Grandfather was starting On the look out for the other two. And/or an owl!
  12. Got my GA for Sunday too!! Idek who is gonna come with me, I might just go alone lol. I'll be driving down from Minneapolis
  13. Guys can y'all imagine Candy Necklace live, with drums and a ripping Blake solo during Jon Batiste's piano solo part?? It would be so UV
  14. I would simply die for her to do Living Legend so we could all scream it at her. Our very own living legend
  15. Sorry, I had to select literally every track in the favorites poll. Everything serves a purpose and hits me in its own way. Absolutely living for this entire body of work. Also, I rarely find the title track to be among my favorite tracks on the record, maybe because i tend to overplay them out of context before the album is out, but Ocean Boulevard is probably top 5 for me. It's so special~
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