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  1. Sister Ray


    Madame X is such an amazing album
  2. Lmao I forgot about the Kendrick version.
  3. Omg PARTYNAUSEOUS did that ever leak?
  4. Sister Ray

    Bonnie McKee

    I hate this pic so much
  5. Sister Ray

    Bonnie McKee

    Can y'all downvote this? It's a terrible pic https://www.last.fm/music/Bonnie+McKee/Somebody's+Gonna+Get+Hurt/+images/774e1a96efd00f9cc56e86a303f7740b
  6. Sister Ray

    Britney Spears

    I just wanted y’all to know. She’s a fucking loser.
  7. Sister Ray

    Britney Spears

    Her c*nt of a sister filmed her GMA special at Lou Taylors house
  8. Sister Ray

    Bonnie McKee

    What font did you use for the Electric Heaven covers?
  9. Sister Ray

    Bonnie McKee

    That's the title I was using too. I made this cover for it, but I noticed @kallumlavigne had a better cover on his twitter (the bottom pic)
  10. Sister Ray

    Bonnie McKee

    I think I might just stick with Electric Heaven since it seems many people are using that as the title
  11. Sister Ray

    Bonnie McKee

    I just wanted to make sure someone wasn't stealing his work I still don't know what to call the album? I thought about 'Hot City' or 'Get Famous' but there aren't any good covers with those names
  12. Sister Ray

    Bonnie McKee

    Did you make this artwork too? I found it on last.fm
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