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  1. CDs Lana Del Rey - Born to Die (2012) Lana Del Rey - Paradise (2012) Lana Del Rey - NFR! (2019) vinyl Lana Del Rey - Born to Die (2012)
  2. Chemtrails (im speaking it into existence so it comes true when we get it) NFR Ultraviolence Sirens Honeymoon AKA Born to Die Paradise
  3. ive replaced TNBAR with Architecture on my phone and computer xo but i did buy the CD xo
  4. F You Can Be the Boss M Next to Me K Is it Wrong? God Knows i Tried Old Money The Greatest
  5. Negative Nancy

    Song vs. Song

    Thunder vs Looking for America
  6. 8 because Love is one of her best music videos xo
  7. how about wearing some masks since we're still in a pandemic. especially the US cos our government doesnt know how to run literal shit
  8. i think it was my allergy meds sksksk
  9. Negative Nancy

    Song vs. Song

    Put Me in a Movie vs Thunder
  10. Del Rey: The one thing that makes me upset is that f I hadn’t been so distracted with my personal life and my poetry, I could’ve broken it down in a more delicate, precise way. I guess the way I could’ve done that is just by adding one more defining song to it. Right now it’s really, really good, but I don’t know if it’s perfect, and that really bothers me. I think I need to add that song, ‘Dealer’, where I’m just screaming my head off. People don’t know what it sounds like when I yell. And I do yell. omg i need screaming Lana if this gives me Marilyn Manson vibes im GONNA cream
  11. im so lazy id rather watch a video of them talking back and forth but thanks for the post and pictures! xo
  12. ITS HERE CHILDREN oetgSHOSEDGSDHB the artwork needs to be deleted and redone. also that font on the back cover is atrocious esigh SUoe
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