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  1. lana said 'skip bittersweet' what is bittersweet
  2. the uk web does not send to europe? it says it cant be send to spain
  3. they gave me 8 euros to buy something on fnac. fr but only today, its a joke (i have the standard broke too)
  4. Fnac France send me the dark pink ALL blend ind the corner and the standar black too and the pink its sold out so i cant not return it and buy another one. The solution they give me 'return it' I will return the standard and i will have to live with the pink one like that
  5. https://www.tiktok.com/@banquetrecords/video/7213690177569508613?q=did you know that tunnel under vinyl&t=1679589003072 What do u think?
  6. I bought the green and im gonna keep it because the cover is great but that green is very different from the image, right? I think i hate it a little bit
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