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  1. You don’t feel like Lana’s been underappreciated? That’s essentially what I’m getting at. Like this album might not be great idk, but hearing that critics were essentially giving it a half listen kind of sucks when she’s producing/produced great music.
  2. I can’t stand her team anymore. This was clearly an attempt to ramp up hype in the UK, but it’s a market she generally does well in anyway. You know where she needs promo? The US. A market she’s been underperforming in since NFR. I get that Lana doesn’t do promo anymore, but it seems silly of them to lift the embargo on these reviews so early. For what reason exactly? This album clearly isn’t as palatable as NFR or Chemtrails or even BB. It’s just a lame strategy imo, but I guess it was a risk that just didn’t pan out. Ugh.
  3. Now, back to, the critics that had a lot to say about Lana the other day in the press WHATS GOOD? https://gigwise.com/reviews/3429011/album-review--lana-del-rey---did-you-know-that-there-s-a-tunnel-under-ocean-blvd
  4. It depends how the bops serve the album’s themes. I think the latter end of A&W only works because the first part of the song is heavy, if the first half of the album touches on v dark themes I feel like the more upbeat songs can complement that. Sort of a release after so many heavy songs.
  5. Judging from y’all’s reviews, it seems like Fingertips is the Hope of the album. Grandfather is the “Mariners Apartment Complex” Fishtails is the Cinnamon Girl
  6. The Grants made NME’s best new tracks playlist which is a good sign. But Pitchfork has been awfully quiet. I’m predicting either a 9-10 from Pitchfork or like a 7 😭
  7. Oh. Yeah I feel like he’s just trying to be funny but to make a joke out of *that* statement is a little weird.
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