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  1. uliusz

    Kim Petras

    thank god she didn't change dirty things that much I love this song as much as I love deeper
  2. maybe it went to the spam folder? i got it like 5 minutes after placing an order
  3. ngl i kinda like them both. I got every colour now, so just need standard black to end my collection (idgaf bout picture disc) but i’ll get in on sale
  4. to anyone that ordered amazon's "pink" vinyl from amazon germany and got it already - did they ship it from the UK? It was supposed to be delivered tomorrow and they changed it to April 5 cause it's shipped from the UK
  5. Amazon shipped my pink vinyl, i got my green vinyl today and literally forgot that i ordered it also from other store and it's coming in few days so now i'll have 2 of them
  6. They are and i can confirm my white and dark pink also sound bad. I mean it's not THAT bad but could be better. White vinyl sounds muffled to me and dark pink is better but pops from time to time
  7. it's on April 22 actually, maybe they'll change it later
  8. Looks like its RSD variant https://recordstoreday.com/UPC/602448591920
  9. Dumb question but how do you contact customer service? i can only chat with a bot 😔
  10. not sure about US&UK but every variant sold in Europe was pressed in czech republic, also i'm still waiting for german amazon to ship mine
  11. Dark pink looks totally different irl it’s more like here ⬇️ also here’s white and compared to blue banisters white (there’s few different variants of it, right? If so, this is the first one from EU)
  12. White and dark pink secured. Purple/pink and green are still missing and nowhere to be found
  13. Just got my white vinyl and waiting for dark pink but where the f is my Amazon Purple and Indie green
  14. my white vinyl has shipped, green is delayed (i hope it's just delayed and they won't cancel) and amazon still hasn't charged me... i preordered on the amazon UK and DE just to check which one will be faster and well... they're both doing NOTHING
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