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  1. uliusz


    yeah that's what i'm also feeling - forgettable, cheap and mediocre. As soon as i saw it has 23 tracks i knew it's gonna be like Donda and CLB. I really like used with Don Toliver (it's literally on repeat since yesterday) and seek&destroy but the rest (except good days, shirt and i hate u) is skippable.
  2. i want it so bad but the "cheapest" shipping to Poland is $65 💀 i for sure ain't no paying that
  3. i also just got it but at this point i think we ain't getting anything
  4. there’s only one thing missing from the things i bought - signed card and i hope it doesn’t get cancelled
  5. Well there's a chance that could be the red one. One store from Poland has put the red vinyl on sale but it's unavailable right now but they've been known to importing some exclusives on their own so i'm not 100% sure.
  6. I’ve received it today and i also ordered from them
  7. French store has finally shipped my order so my white vinyl is cumming
  8. From which store did you order it?
  9. i'm just pretending like i didn't see it i still have a hope for a card with silver pen BUT this time with full signature
  10. I have just received an e-mail from them that they shipped
  11. it was just a preorder, they took it off on friday and they did the same with a black vinyl. There is a chance they might get limited quantities but at the same time look at the other stores that already received them - they put them already on sale instore/online even though they were doing preorders. (or at least one did lol) I asked them if they received them already (after seeing posts from other stores) but they didn't reply yet. Anyways i hope they won't cancel our orders.
  12. my yellow vinyl from german store just came in i wasn’t expecting it cause they said they only shipped CD without vinyl and signed card So now i just have to wait for signed card from german store, white vinyl from french store and red vinyl from Piccadilly Records
  13. looks like they gave signed cards with silver pen at her pop-up shop
  14. California. This song hits me different.
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