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  1. TessaDiPietro


    I have been dancing to the new songs for the past hour I am so excited for the rest
  2. Don't let me be misunderstood for various reason, I think about this litterally every day so let me RENT : 1. Swan song is a perfect closer 2.It's a bad cover (yes it does make sense thematically but sorry... it's just bad) 3.The end of honeymoon could feel a lot less repetitive and heavy without her 4. Last but definitvely not least, the transition from Swan Song to Love would make perfect sense in the overral Lana Discography, Swan Song being the last song where Lana sings with her old fatality and not a will for change/healing Anyway this is really THE song that should have never left the draft, Honeymoon I'm so sorry Lana dit that to you, you remain (almost) perfect though
  3. The way I would KILL for her to do an interview where she reflects on all of her past era, the critical reception and how she feel about the music now... Like what does she feel about Honeymoon???? I NEED to know
  4. In which order do you listen to the songs? I have played with the order a little and I find that WW-BB-TB has the best flow
  5. TessaDiPietro

    Tkay Maidza

    There's already a thread for her !!! And YES she is a legend
  6. "a person who gets routinely clowned by her fans for owning "live, laugh, love" decor and a painting of a sailboat above her fireplace" Not Rolling Stone being on lanaboards
  7. TessaDiPietro

    Tkay Maidza

    Can't believe this thread hasn't been updated since 2016, please please listen to Last Year Was Weird Vol 2 !!!! Grasshopper is
  8. "so Lana what will the sound of the album be like?" *chimney guy appear* "What was my question again ? Mmmmh nevermind... so how did you survive 2020?"
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