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  1. Wow this was maybe her best interview ever. Really felt like closure here. So so so so fucking excited for Taco Truck X VB now
  2. I have been containing my excitement so far but quick recap : bombastic songs + angry conversational album + insiders calling it a masterpiece + fjm collab + honeymoon references + proper well thought album roll out + lana seeming to be really excited about the album + neil krug photoshoot i am afraid the album we’ve all waited for is finally coming, HER MAGNUM OPUS IS ALMSOT HEREEEEEEE
  3. TessaDiPietro

    Weyes Blood

    Wooooooooooooow this is so beautifull
  4. Nicki colab now ??? What timeline is this
  5. This is so amazing !!!!! I am so so so excited to see the results everyone there is so much talent in this little community !!!! thank you @Elle
  6. TessaDiPietro


    Why she didn’t include a studio version of her perdoname cover on this, I want it so badly
  7. Yayo - 7 (-) West Coast - 26 Venice Pute - 17 (+)
  8. TessaDiPietro


    I actually love both new songs, she is already pushing forward her sound while keeping her core deconstructed instincts. It’s apparently not going to be the slutty clubby album that I was expecting but I am loving it so far
  9. The run Dealer-Thunder-Wildflower Wildfire NEVER misses, the transition between songs is just perfect
  10. Chemtrails is definitively my favortite album to sing along too From the whispery white dress vocal to the barritone voice of wild at heart to trying to mimick the duet on breaking up slowly it's just so fun !!! I litterally cannot listen to this record without singing
  11. TessaDiPietro


    She REALLY snapped with Démons, rest of the album is pretty basic in my opinion but maybe it will grow on me
  12. TessaDiPietro


    I have been dancing to the new songs for the past hour I am so excited for the rest
  13. Don't let me be misunderstood for various reason, I think about this litterally every day so let me RENT : 1. Swan song is a perfect closer 2.It's a bad cover (yes it does make sense thematically but sorry... it's just bad) 3.The end of honeymoon could feel a lot less repetitive and heavy without her 4. Last but definitvely not least, the transition from Swan Song to Love would make perfect sense in the overral Lana Discography, Swan Song being the last song where Lana sings with her old fatality and not a will for change/healing Anyway this is really THE song that should have never left the draft, Honeymoon I'm so sorry Lana dit that to you, you remain (almost) perfect though
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