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  1. TessaDiPietro

    Sufjan Stevens

    Shit Talk is one of the most geogeous songs I have ever heard. Chilling. Perfect album. Watching the leaves flying from the trees with this music is a blessing.
  2. DragRace France 2 was just amazing I still can’t recover from it. It might be one of my fav seasons ever
  3. I love the song actually, think it‘s one of her best in a while Lyrics perfectly fits the movie but also the song hits on its own, and the melody is really georgeous
  4. There are violets in your eyes There are guns that blaze around you There are roses in between my thighs And a fire that surrounds you It's no wonder every man in town Had neither fought nor found you Everything you do is elusive To even your honey dew the imagery and the fact that it perfectly introduces the theme of honeymoon … breathtaking everytime
  5. Still hoping to get a ticket if you see some available somewhere please lmk 🥹🥹
  6. 420 000 people in the queue lol 😔😔😔
  7. I’m so excited it’s such a shame that it is out when summer starts because I know I won’t be able to stop playing !!!!
  8. If he did pass away in car accident it also gives a whole new context to the born to die video…
  9. The run candy necklace jon baptiste interlude kintsugi is absolutely soul crushing every time
  10. Wow this was maybe her best interview ever. Really felt like closure here. So so so so fucking excited for Taco Truck X VB now
  11. I have been containing my excitement so far but quick recap : bombastic songs + angry conversational album + insiders calling it a masterpiece + fjm collab + honeymoon references + proper well thought album roll out + lana seeming to be really excited about the album + neil krug photoshoot i am afraid the album we’ve all waited for is finally coming, HER MAGNUM OPUS IS ALMSOT HEREEEEEEE
  12. TessaDiPietro

    Weyes Blood

    Wooooooooooooow this is so beautifull
  13. This is so amazing !!!!! I am so so so excited to see the results everyone there is so much talent in this little community !!!! thank you @Elle
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