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  1. omg imagine listening to this stunning voice and thinking Lana has vocal damage. high key embarrassing
  2. The lingering shot on Rob's wedding band was an interesting choice
  3. Oh there's definitely gonna be an unreleased album after these numbers. Her label will insist on it, I'm sure. And since it'll take no work from Lana, I don't think she'll object.
  4. This is like the music video equivalent of the spoken part in Peppers. Love it.
  5. the froggy came a-courtin' lyrics in Kintsugi are very bizarre.
  6. do you know if it's just the one song or in a larger collection?
  7. if you told me a week ago that my favorite Lana Del Rey song would be the Let Me Love You Like a Woman demo, I would have laughed in your face...
  8. Top 5 for now: 5. Paris, Texas 4. Fingertips 3. Peppers 2. A&W 1. Candy Necklace
  9. Candy Necklace is so jazzy I feel like we haven't had a song like this since Honeymoon and it's so special — I hope her next album is entirely with Jon Batiste tbh.
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