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  1. Sounds like "Prettiest Girl in Country Music" might be on the album if Lana means what she says (a big "if"). Would not be mad about it.
  2. Damn idk it sounds like they should listen to Lana.
  3. Pretty sure Watercolor Eyes is about K
  4. wait I live in midtown Manhattan and have the day off of work. if there's a pap sighting I fully will chase her down to ask about LDR9 edit: for the record I am not actually going to do this because I am not that insane
  5. honestly the misuse of "then" here is probably prophetic...
  6. Do we still think of Paradise as an EP? It's 37 minutes long (2 minutes longer than Sour) and was nominated for Pop Vocal Album at the Grammys. Also, I may be mistaken, but don't we consider AKA to be LG1, and not LDR1, since she was technically still Lizzy Grant at the time?
  7. To add to GeminiLanaFan, they said no news this week but that the album announcement would be soon.
  8. What are your guys' favorite lyrics on the album? Like little snippets that just hit really hard. Right now my two are: My heart is like paper, I hate ya and: Once I found my way but now I am lost But there are so many good ones! To me this album is probably lyrically the most interesting and deep she's been since she's gotten out of her "I wanna die to be with my boyfriend in heaven" phase.
  9. Did we ever figure out what this was? (idk if I'm allowed to post this pls don't ban me)
  10. can we really call the Breaking Up Slowly tour of 2021-2022 an example of Lana "falling in love" with touring again?
  11. Music has to be widely distributed to various people in order to press CDs and vinyl, which I think is how a lot of insiders access the music early. If this release is a true digital-only surprise drop, it can be kept totally secret until release. Nobody had Folklore before it dropped, for example.
  12. this is so exciting. the album could be out in 2 weeks or 10 months and we have basically no way of knowing one way or the other.
  13. Born to Die is still in the Billboard 200 (at 170!) but Adele's 21 seems to have dropped out. Hm... I have a feeling in 10 years B2D will be the longest charting album by a female artist.
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