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  1. this livestream was the absolute best i can’t even describe how happy it made me i love her so much
  2. are we expecting the blue pressing vinyl variant and maybe a picture disc today???
  3. the album comes out for me in 30 minutes i’m so fucking excited, i haven’t listened to the leaks this will be my first time i’m loosing my shit
  4. guys the full album apparently did leak, i think twitter users are being dead serious about this? anyone heard or know about anything? (edit): nevermind, they’re pretending they heard a real leak, i hate twitter
  5. twitter stans trust a “leak” so quick.. it’s not even real
  6. do we think the coke necklace is ever restocking?
  7. n e ways i’m really looking forward to black bathing suit
  8. maybe if some of you put the same amount of energy into streaming arcadia rather than being involved in some petty drama and caring so much about these alleged leaks and snippets that are most probably fake or fan made…… i know you’re all impatient, i am too, but we’ve been waiting since june 1st. the album is literally officially out in just 20 days. if the album leaks before the 22nd then feel free to spend that amount of energy on trying to get the leak deleted/taken down!
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