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  1. The first line of Kintsugi is killing me everytime... can't help but cry when it comes on
  2. Omg I am very curious to why VFR is so hated. Tbh it's one of my favourites on BB I would really like to hear some opinions about it from others !
  3. I really feel like music videos are more of a tool to open the meaning and vision behind the song more further and, as we know , this album will be very wordy and I believe the songs will work as they are without any additional videos , although i love her mvs very much still can suppose that we just lost OB's videos with the stolen laptop and i doubt she's willing to re-record them
  4. I'm late to the streams talk but maybe Lana and her team don't really want to do much promo for the song because it's dark and kinda confessional, when a song so personal gets popular and everybody just vibes with it's beats and sound not looking into the lyrics...or maybe someone just doesn't make their work properly they gave up
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