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  1. Album Ranking for anyone who is interested (also I am really praying for visuals for this era so hopefully that has something to do with her recently following the mv director who worked with her on past projects like LFL and the greatest
  2. With "turn off the rest of our shows" is she referring to Brazil or hinting at an album tour?
  3. I really feel bad for whatever she had to go through with that man, you can tell the pain
  4. Based on Boz providing the lyrics, does she not say gods a charlatan there? Its really hard to make out
  5. True but the timing with the new insta account, billboard, everything seems to point towards something coming soon
  6. I honestly think it speaks volumes to lana's character that she has maintained such strong professional bonds and friendships since the beginning of her career (neil krug, byron etc.)
  7. Did anyone see Ben's recent story at the LA celebrity cemetery tagging it as a shoot!
  8. Did anyone see Lana's friend Jenny's instagram story referencing kintsugi (talking about how in Japan broken objects can be repaired with gold) and tagging a filmmaker friend jac cron) (potential kintsugi mv tease?)
  9. Did anyone see Lana's friend Jenny's new story talkijg about kintsugi and tagging a filmmaker friend? Were they filming a kintsugi mv?
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