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  1. That was honestly disgusting. That someone can call themselves a critic and whilst walking over n demeaning the integrity of that role is pitiful . Like how tf u can’t hold it in (unless you have a medical issue then sure)
  2. Yes see the light babes, you are now a wistful Swedish woman in the north country
  3. Because her entire personal life is essentially on display, why wouldn’t she write about her family. that u think her discography should be soulless and impersonal says a lot about the material U would prefer from her and the role artists play in our lives. Plus, she essentially gave it to her family by releasing it public anyway ! Take it or leave it
  4. grandfather please let me stand on your shoulders while you stand on the shoulders of my father while the girls are fighting
  5. The NME review has me contemplating (god) this album in the sense that I personally see Norman - Chemtrails - Ocean as a trilogy of albums. Some could even look at Norman as the past (past love, reminiscing, youthful hope), Chemtrails as the present (for its time, the press of Chemtrails was soaked in current events [covid mask, question for the culture, etc] and built during the confusion of the pandemic (a very present threat at the time, which affected her lyricism), and Ocean as the future (obviously because the entire main theme of the tunnel is about longevity & being remembered into the future). Thoughts? lol
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