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Lipsters Awards 2020

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9 minutes ago, Lentilus said:

This might be a very stupid question....but what exactly is a lipster? :runs:

I’ll just go ahead and quote @electra from a status update yesterday:

lipster: very old name for a lana del rey fan - it's a mix between lana and hipster but the emphasis on "lips" was a nice accident

48K6p1K.gif pyg088L.png

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1 hour ago, past the bushes said:

pls i thought the "lips" was on purpose :sadcore:


honestly same. when i was like fourteen i always thought it was because of her big lips, cause they were such a staple at the time. i think nowadays everyone has their lips done to the nines tho so people don't make a huge deal out of lana's lips anymore.


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Artwork by Honeymouns, Title Cards by @RormanNockwell

In collaboration with @Lad


Well, hasn't this year been... A LOT? I am so excited to be bringing the Lipsters back for their SIXTH year of awards! I can't believe that we are more than half a decade into doing this, and we wouldn't be here without @Lad's dedication! While he is not hosting them this year, he is right by my side and deserves just as much recognition!


As always... here is the same pasted description from previous years, for anyone who hasn't attended one before: The Lipsters Awards 2020 are a forum event made for us, the LanaBoards community, to have a good time and reflect on the big online personalities that shined through 2020. Users nominate each other in several categories, and the winners get announced in our iconic Ceremony, which this year will take place on January 17th.


With that being said... here comes the exciting part! The categories for this year are...





A little self-describing, this award is for those members who make LanaBoards a better place by contributing... a lot! Let’s give our Most Active member every single second of their life they’ve spent in this very nice website in the form of a cute, little award!



The Best Username award is reserved for those Lipsters whose intellect may very well not be spent on school or work, but rather in crafting an incredible username to brighten our days every time we see them around.



On the contrary, the Worst Username award is reserved for those Lipsters who probably did not give their usernames a second thought... Think of usernames that never fail to dampen your mood when you catch a glimpse.



This award is reserved for the very rare and hard to find members that completely revolutionize the idea of having good taste. When you discover an amazing artist only to visit their thread and find this member already lurking around in it. Someone who would never be caught dead listening to Lorde, for example! THAT would be the Best Taste on LanaBoards.



Did you cry when Jesy left Little Mix? Maybe you indulged on more Meghan Trainor this year than you thought you did... It's okay, we don't judge, but we WILL nominate you for this notorious award. No, we're not being mean. We're acknowledging the certain tenacity it would take to enjoy things of that nature! THAT is the Worst Taste on LanaBoards.



Here's a category that I wasn't sure about keeping but was told otherwise! Am I the only one that doesn't pay too much attention to statuses anymore? Anyways... we can all appreciate a good Status Updater from time to time, I mean there ARE so many iconic ones I have in my mind right now!


And this will be a good time to announce that, yet again, the Blogger category has ran its course. Maybe next year!



Let’s not forget about the sweethearts on this website! We have this member in a special place in all of our hearts. The Nicest Member never bothers to say anything mean nor rude to any of us and spread love and positivity through their posts! They take everyone’s opinions and won’t argue with those who don’t take theirs. 



A harsh title for a harsh member, this is for the one that actively goes out of their way to post negative content. Even though the things they say and do hurt us, the Rudest Member deserves to be rewarded too! Sticks and stones maybe break our bones...



Ok, time to break out your reading glasses for this part! Never forget to listen to your elders as they are wise and hold priceless stan knowledge within them, maybe a couple of 1987 Lake Placid newspaper clippings as well. 8 years of LanaBoards and we still have these Veteran Members scattered throughout, sputtering non-sense to the younger generation of Lana fans, the least we can do is thank them for sticking around!





While there are members out there who you cannot avoid at any cost, there’s also the odd member who is active and has great contribution but is rather not as known as other lipsters. This is your chance to show that Underrated Member how much you appreciate them and let them know that they TOO count and deserve to be recognized!



Now is the moment to send our love to the babies among us, new members that have walked into all of our hearts and made their marks on LanaBoards with their little time aboard. This is for the Best New User!




When you think Drama Queen, what do you think of? Do you think of someone who sees Lana posted a picture of the sea and immediately assumes the next album will be about Atlantis? Do you think of someone who will throw a fit because a member said the vinyl color will be red when they thought it was blue? Well whatever your definition of Drama Queen is, we will take it! Nominate the most Drama Queen member you can think of!



Now let us take the time to remember our sisters that don't have the pleasure of leaving their controversial comments anymore for our eyes to gaze upon. The Banned Members that some miss, some hate, and some just don't understand. We can grant them this posthumous award and reminisce all of the good (and bad... lots of bad) times we had together. #JUSTICEFORBEKIM



This award is reserved for those hardcore fans that breathe Miss Lana Del Rey. Do you know anyone who has studied every freckle on her body? Anyone who goes to every single tour date just to push everyone in front row out of the way? Anyone who has dug up Lana Del Rey's Bumble account? This is your chance to award the Biggest Stan for their loyalty!



Yes! Even on LANABoards we have some very notable Lana haters! Doesn't make sense to you? It doesn't make much sense to us either, but the Lipsters Awards have found them a purpose: being able to hold the title of Biggest Lana Hater! Sometimes the best remedy to hate is to show this person our love! Or maybe not... 



We all know this will go to a PC Music fan who probably has only heard Born to Die, but that's what this award is made for! LanaBoards is the home of many artists' fanbases and we take pride in that. Let's extend our kindness towards the Hybrid Fans and let them know they can poke their head out of their threads sometimes! We now have the credit of Charli XCX's acknowledgement to verify the purpose of this category as well, so that's something!



An award to compliment the Hottest Member that had us fanning ourselves off and frequenting the Pictures of You thread more than we care to admit! Yes, anyone can be nominated for this category regardless of gender! You're our daddy... You're everyone's daddy.



How naive we were last year to think the most problematic thing Lana Del Rey would do is attend a homophobic church... how very naive. Anyways, this is not the space to talk about the very many issues that have become apart of Lana's name, so we digress. We bring back the award for Most Problematic Member under yet another new name! Not quite the same as rudest member, a problematic member will be the one behind many fights and general drama that no one really cares enough to read. Someone who finds enjoyment in seeing catastrophe.



This title is reserved for those members that create art: let it be graphic design, OnlyFans, music or (a lesser known art) video editing. Every single one of those artists count. It's hard work! Recognize your favorite talent and Best Artist!



This will not be an open category. This award and its nominees will be decided and hand-picked by our very exclusive and elite committee. What was once known as the Qaadird Howard Vanguard Award, it's now taken on a more not-so-relevant name. We want to award those members who are known by everyone, who are on everyone's mouth and whose relevancy makes lots jealous. Not to be confused with Lipster of the Year, this award is for all those relevant users whose popularity doesn't mean they ARE the user of the year, but still pretty successful on their own. Committee members have chosen to remain anonymous.


I am also saddened to say that we have decided not to bring back the Christina Lucci award for Most Sluttiest, but may Christina forever bounce in our chests and minds.



Now I think we can all agree that this is Lana's most drama filled year yet, so feel free to nominate anything you’d consider big and eventful that happened on this site AND regarding Lana. I'd like to make sure to emphasize that this is ONLY about drama that has happened ON this site, and in relation to Lana, so here is your chance to narrow it down to the Drama of the Year

Please keep unnecessary off-site drama away from this category. Thank you!


Also, there will not be a Thread of the Year award this time around.



The sheer amount of leaks we got this year could sustain us for... well maybe like another month or two and then we will have people begging for more, but that's beside the point! Lots of choices to choose from, I actually think it's the most we've had since 2016! What was YOUR Leak of the Year? This will be voted on in the second phase of voting like previous years. 





The award for the Clown of the Year. Consider this the opposite of the Lipster of the Year, someone who showcased exceptional art in clownery and managed to completely fool themselves into thinking Chemtrails was coming every single Tuesday, Friday, and Sunday of the year. Just because you are a clown doesn't mean we think badly of you either! Clowns have always brought entertainment to those around them, and that is the reason why this is a special award. It's not easy being so foolish!



And finally... the most important, exclusive, anticipated award of the night... Lipster of the Year! This award goes to the member who was on a level higher than everyone else! Not just anyone could get this title, you have to work for it. Someone that we feel is the embodiment of our website and is ready to brandish the cherished title.



Pre-selection begins NOW and will run through December 31st.

Click THIS LINK to submit your vote for pre-selection!


Here’s some information you may wish to learn about to correctly participate in the Preselection period:

1. Please submit at least 2 or 3 pre-nominees for each category. You just have to separate each user with a comma so it's not one long continuous name!


2.  You have to vote in every category, pretty please. You can skip some if you want, but please - I beg you - try to fill in most categories. You have quite some time to figure out your pre-nominees, don’t be lazy! Also recognize that some categories like Veteran Member or Best New Member have rules of their own.


3. Do not spam vote. Don't vote for the same people in ALL categories, please consider there's a lot of users out there who deserve it just as much as your friends circle!


4. Try to trust in your own charm and preferably do not vote for yourself! This isn't a rule, but I'm just putting it out there. 


5. As soon as you submit your ballot, please let me know in this thread that you have voted. Just in case there’s someone trying to impersonate you. This place has history with people who enjoy impersonating, am I right?.


6. Don’t worry, I turned off the compile emails option. Your privacy is safe!



The Voting stage will start with the official nominees announcement on January 4th, 2021 and ends January 16th.



Also don't forget to say thank you to Honeymouns and @RormanNockwell for the amazing theme and artworks! That is one of the hardest things about these awards!



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2 minutes ago, Yosemite said:

Whenever you press enter, nothing happens.

It should create a new paragraph, right? 

Oooh, you're right! You can separate them with commas then! I'm not sure why it's not working that same as last year.... I'll update the rules!


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