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  1. Monday 10:49am thoughts: 1. Fuck. 2. I am not certain that Tulsa Jesus Freak will be on there. I listened to the Zane Lowe LFL interview the other day and I got to thinking that I thought maybe she won't put it on there because it seems like a Yosemite situation. She said she didn't put Yosemite on because she was no longer "in that place" and Oklahoman Christian Maniac is clearly about S**n so I can't help but wonder if that's why she took the snippet doen and that it won't be on there. 3. Idk if this has already been theorised but I've seen a lot of people saying that they think White Dress/Waitress will have something to do with weddings because of the white dress component. However, I personally think that the entire song might be retrospective and that the "white dress" might pertain to holy communion or some sort of Catholic school stuff, and then the waitress part is when she moved to live with her aunt and uncle and did waitressing. So it'll be like a song about her childhood and adolescence. 4. I know it isn't COCC but I think Iron Gates will be like the complementary book for COCC in the same way that Violet was the complementary book for NFR. Seeing as it's due out in March I think it'd be really rad if it was bundled with COCC because it was kinda fucky how Violet came out almost an entire year after NFR. I also don't know if she's capable of releasing a book and an album simultaneously and it's probably not ideal from a marketing perspective so I expect Iron Gates in March and COCC in June/July as others have said. Okay but it wouldn't be the first time she told outright lies
  2. The fact that the pom pom from Jen's hat is in sis' eye makes me LMAO for some reason It's somehow so Lala
  3. If I met her I would talk about music and excitedly call COCC, "COCC", and she'd get mad "You should put Dealer on COCC" "Go. Fuck. Yourself" "Oh sorry I meant Chemtrails" "Nah heard what u said, hoe"
  4. The b & w selfie is giving me with-the-typewriter-in-front-of-the-private-jet-selfie vibes The lighting, hair, and expression, I think
  5. Can you believe that says CORONA?
  6. Yeah and she dragged one person who was actually complimenting her (the "VOCALS" person) As usual ... mess
  7. Oh my Godddddd she followed freakin JEWEL Please let there be a Jewel cover or a Jewel collab or
  8. Taste (Jewel) and no taste (Buzzfeed)
  9. Did she recently start following Jewel? I'm sure she didn't follow her before Much excitement
  10. Add "Beverly Hills Gutter" to the COCC tracklist
  11. Knowing Lala she probably threw that coffee over some poor pedestrian by accident
  12. She's had dark hair for like 7 years or some shit - she looks fine, but it's not interesting. It was refreshing to see her as a blonde I hope she's at least blonde on the album cover because we really deserve
  13. No we don't trust Sheridan or Byron they are the killers of hopes and DREAMS Also if she put Clay in a video she's unhinged because when she breaks up with him it'll live on forever
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