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  1. So, lyrically, it makes no sense at all but is still a good song? I see.
  2. What is the line in Tulsa Jesus Freak that supposedly isn't what we thought it was? I want to make stuff up
  3. Do you think the term "Tulsa Jesus Freak" denotes that she is a Jesus freak who frequents Tulsa, or that she is a freak who is obsessed with "Tulsa Jesus" aka S**n? Please discuss.
  4. She archived the TJF snippet, too; it's just that Ben still has it up. I feel like she is a recovering snippetholic and the TJF snippet was a moment of weakness but then she got back on track. Snippetholic? Snippaholic? Snippetaholic? Sni-
  5. I got to thinking that I thought - I personally enjoy listening to new albums start to finish, 100% unheard (or, at least, with no songs overplayed), because I like my first listen to be of the album as an entire body of work. I usually do that and, after a few listens, I go through and sort of unpack each song individually. I've listened to LMLYLAW and COCC but I've not overplayed them, because with NFR, VB and MAC came out so early that they will never quite feel like part of that album to me and I didn't want the same feeling with COCC. So basically I just do what I want and everyone else should also do what they want.
  6. I thought he said it was a refrain (so not necessarily in the chorus, but repeated throughout the song) If you look at the Genius lyrics it has it as the next line after the lyrics in the snippet she posted. I realise anyone can make stuff up on Genius, but I wouldn't be surprised if it's something like that
  7. This is outrageous where is the frock of light-coloured material ANNOUNCEMENT
  8. Today she's announcing the frock of light-coloured material and I shan't hear any objections
  9. As soon as I saw that it wasn't anything of hers, I closed it She always does this when she knows we're waiting for her stuff
  10. No she wouldn't miss an opportunity to let Chunk or Charles make one There shall be an album trailer
  11. I don't think she will do that but she probably is going to take a break after COCC to focus on her personal life, I predict. It's not like she can tour to support the release, unless it's just Australia, New Zealand, Singapore and other countries that are allowing events due to low rona numbers.
  12. I think it's coming on the 26th still Sometimes she doesn't tease stuff 'til a few days before, or not at all Didn't she just drop LMLYLAW and nobody expected it?
  13. Honestly this kind of thing is probably why a lot of her relationships don't work out Lots of dudes wouldn't tolerate their girlfriend being more important than they are
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