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  1. So what you're saying is that she is, in fact, focused on COCC?
  2. I think dating must be really difficult for her for a number of reasons. She'd have the same problem she has with friends in that it'd be very difficult to discern who is genuine and who isn't, and for a romantic partner that must be amplified x 1000. Many men would see her as a notch on their belts, and being viewed as such has other implications for her ranging from bothersome to dangerous. Idk about this dude, but of course I hope she's happy and it's obviously her life, so
  3. Anyway Lala is at a birthday and gives no fucks about COCC today, so
  4. Queen. I want a close-up of her necklace it looks like it might be amber?
  5. It sounds like a Lana title ... I was instantly reminded of the line in Nirvana's All Apologies, "aqua seafoam shame" The straws, I grasp them.
  6. I think people are taking these fake tracklists and parodies all too seriously because there's no COCC news to focus on. Some (not all) of them are quite clever, imo. Lana doesn't need gatekeepers.
  7. SoCal had an earthquake even the EARTH is shaking from ANGER at her silence
  8. Actually, doesn't she mention a date in September in one of the poems?
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