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Interview Magazine (Nadia Lee Cohen) - January 11th, 2023

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Well, now we know what this was from! x




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On 1/25/2023 at 4:04 PM, Elle said:


It’s for Heart’s Coffee Shop. That and the Del Taco & Yummy Doughnuts are all on the same strip in Van Nuys, CA -


2-CCAB5-B3-AA6-C-4-ED9-94-F6-1-EB89873-A302 CF68-A3-F0-10-EE-4-E86-9315-63-CB7740-A35-A


• 4.18.14 • 5.1.14 • 9.20.14 • 5.28.15 • 6.14.15 • 7.28.16 • 7.24.17 • 10.23.17 • 10.24.17 • 1.25.18 • 2.5.18 • 12.5.18 • 10.3.19 • 10.11.19 • 11.16.19 •

SF • ATL • ATL • IND • ATL • CHI • LDN • NYC • NYC • DC • ATL • NYC • PDX • SAN • KS


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"You can't be a muse and be happy, too.

You can't blacken the pages with Russian poetry and be happy." - Blue Banisters


I asked Asmodeus (the demon of lust) to make Miley Cyrus suffer. I am not happy with these new developments. After Miley rips off Lana's aesthetic, she bullies Lana into changing her release date. It is infuriating. 


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The one photo of Lana and the young man against the car seems to have drawn inspiration from the very brief scene in 'Annie Hall' where Annie (Diane Keaton) remembers her first boyfriend Dennis in Wichita Falls, and they're shown outside a movie theater talking, and the night and the scene are all shades of brown and dull yellow, except for the movie marquee. 

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This is the most Lana thing that ever Lana’d. 100% distillation of her vibe. :suicide:And in the interview she said the original Ocean Blvd cover was going to be nude?? The world in not ready:rip: 

‘Fucking God bless us all and let’s hope we make it through this.’
~LDR, Flaunt


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