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[SINGLE] Say Yes To Heaven + Sped Up Remix + 7" Picture Disc - OUT NOW

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2 minutes ago, hotshot2am said:



Notice Lana wearing the "candy necklace" she vowed to remove in the music video. Beautiful diamonds on her wrist as well. Blinds that remind me of the High by the Beach MV. Is she acknowledging this song is written from her old selfs POV? 

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1 minute ago, fl0r1dakil0s said:

I told you guys from the beginning this is what BOZ was talking about. From the beginning! Nobody ever listens  :delish:

still doesn't explain why he was so excited about it, he's not even a lipster and he talked about it like she was gonna end world hunger

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Moved this to the New Releases section since this is now confirmed! :hype:


Don't you be asking for links now guys :mj2:


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