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  1. Insider BlackoutZone claims to have True Romance (the song) and have posted lyrics of it on his Twitter before. Idk if this was known here?
  2. Do we know when she will drop the lead to XCX5? Need a solo song to release
  3. That title is very Lana and long
  4. One with the Gods


    She's named Chelsea Renee Wise (nobodys.dreamgirl on Insta and TikTok and sknnylatte on Twitter if you wanna look her up). Titanic is actually living with her in Texas now and ppl have warned her about him and his past but she believes Titanic is a changed man and was misunderstood etc., she's insisting on believing that he's the most kind and nice person. A mess is coming
  5. One with the Gods


    I sorta had the idea of starting a topic for Titanic's new gf since she confirmed new music is coming but
  6. It's not a very likable song tbh like you can like the dark vibes it gives off but the lyrics... the song itself is kind of hard to understand, that telephone ringing and talking intro is way too long, the chorus is so short etc.
  7. Cry Baby was one of the strongest and popular albums in 2015 so I'm surprised Atlantic didn't do like a rerelease with more outtakes that were originally intended for it. I honestly don't want any of the released songs to be scrapped or replaced, we just needed more to be released
  8. And I thought I was being annoying when I begged for a song or two from time to time but these manifesting, keeping a spirit etc. things are a next level I can't even tell if y'all are being serious
  9. Drama Club is great so this doesn't apply to me and I used to like Alphabet Boy, it just aged. Like all Cry Baby released tracks are better than these outtakes, we're just liking them now because we're tired of listening to the released ones for years
  10. It's just scrap songs chile
  11. One with the Gods

    Taylor Swift

    Patiently waiting for 1989 and Reputation rerecordings
  12. I like all her albums but Smile was so forgettable. Witness and One of the Boys (albums) are standouts for me
  13. One with the Gods

    Miley Cyrus

    Just popping in to say, I will never understand the hate for Bad Karma, it's such a good fun song. One of the first songs I liked from Plastic Hearts
  14. One with the Gods

    Bebe Rexha

    Amore final sounds so muffled and they put this new repetitive instrumental in the background. Mama final is great with completely new production and verses, sounds like a brand new song. Gonna hear the others laterrrr
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