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  1. so is the piano one? thanks! its 20 to ship to Spain but i think its worth it
  2. omg i love the poster of dbjag that photo of the video is the best, i wish we can buiy it is really amazing
  3. fnac says: En attente de prise en charge par le transporteur dont know exactly what that means? will it be here friday? hahaha
  4. Thanks, it's true. Even though I have the book, I have been wrong all this time. In my mind the title meant that there was a plant (violet) bent back, not a girl doing the bridge. My life has changed
  5. So its gonna be released translated in Spanish i didn expected that im so excited. But i dont understand the title in Spanish. It says 'Violet hace el puente sobre la hierba' that is something like ' Violet makes the bridge on the grass. So it has a completly different meaning?
  6. I just received an email from lana del rey france and it shows the alternative cover in the red vinyl and the cd and it says fnac exclusive, so we can confirme 100% that fnac has it
  7. So i think im going to cancell the red vinyl on that dutch site and buy it on fnac france, becuse at she same price i will have vinyl + the exclusive CD. I hope that its really the red and the exclusive CD, since they dont put te real cover yet
  8. i'm from spain, in the ckeckout you can select your country... i dont know why you cant maybe someone here can help you
  9. i bought it here https://www.platomania.nl/article/9121247/chemtrails_over_the_country_concerto_red/rey_lana_del
  10. I want so bad the alternative cover! Hope fnac or something will have it
  11. i finally bought the pink sweater! i think its cute and with the 15% its a aceptable price, thanks for the info
  12. thinking on buying the pink one, but i wish this had the girl's draw (so cute) in the back instead of the flower....
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