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  1. That was be fucking amazing! I would love to hear an updated version of Serial Killer and Hollywood's Dead since they were recorded during the BTD sessions.
  2. OMG I totally forgot about the horse! That is a very good point. I was kind of ambivalent about her choice of a cover for COCC but now that you just pointed that out, I'm a little upset LOL. I really do hope that we can just forget about the break in tradition and continue it.
  3. I've been avoiding this whole dramatic topic on this thread but I gotta say it. You only need to defend yourself to people who actually matter to you in life. We're all just a bunch of strangers trying to bond over a wonderful artist. We don't need to sink low and that goes for ALL OF US because it takes more than one person to keep something going - even if I might be feeding into it right now. Please lets just cool off and get back on track.
  4. I sooooo hope these theories are accurate. I would love to hear a Born to Die-esque album with her current vocal range.
  5. I'm kinda sad and jealous that I didn't get the chance to know about Lana during this time. I became a fan after Born to Die was released but before Paradise was released. Though, I did get to watch her perform Video Games live in 2012 and it was only then that I grew so much appreciation for the song. Everything you mention is what makes the song classic and timeless (even if the lips still scare me).
  6. LOL, I wonder if Interscope can get licensing for Marvin the Martian to join her.
  7. How would you all feel if BB went back to featuring a vehicle of sorts on the cover? Or do you think that tradition is dead?
  8. I think one day she is just going to flip when it comes to fans complaining about her using selfies and PicsArt.
  9. This is a very good point! Though, we know Lana is fickle with her concepts. Based on the LFL trailer we got, I was under the impression it would've been a more witchy or darker aesthetic. She definitely needs to communicate more but I think she has an obsession with doing everything on her terms which often leaves her fans in the dark until her label forces her to do otherwise.
  10. So here's a question for you guys. Would you rather have Lana or the people she works with actually give you all the details that you want about BB and risk possibly over-hyping the album or would you rather everyone be low-key about the details and find out for yourself when it's released? Either way could be good or bad. All I know is that I had known that she was working with Jack again on COCC and I was hyped because I truly loved NFR but was so let down by it so I guess for me, I just want to know that she's trying something new and leave it at that.
  11. I hope you like them! Of course I absolutely refuse to light mine but even if you do, the jars themselves are still pretty to keep.
  12. YES! My feeling exactly! I always seem to go back to those songs, especially in the summer.
  13. Finally received the Apothecary candle today. If anyone is wondering, it sort of smells like vanilla and chai tea but not very overpowering.
  14. Like we'd ever get that lucky.
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