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  1. No way. NO F WAY. The audacity of this cover. I mean… The Icon. The Talent. The Beauty. The Sadness. The Vibes. Every f thing is a f match. It’s heavenly. ALSO, it gives me major BTD connections. Just imagine: then there were tigers, and now it’s dogs. The hair resemble Paradise. She was super fashion in BTD and Paradise, but now it’s more intimate and stripped down. YES. That’s what it is. A STRIPPED DOWN VERSION OF BTD. And ALL OF THIS so close to the 10th anniversary of BTD. I AM SCREAMING. She’s a genius. I’m enthusiastic. I’m actually crying. I’m in love. Okay, delirium completed.
  2. I miss seeing her live so much I really hope she will be able to do a COCC/BB big tour all together
  3. I don't remember who was talking about good quality headphones, but I seriously spent over 300 euros for HQ headphones last week and since then EVERY Lana song is like an INTENSE orgasm... TRUST ME, invest in good headphones (possibily with cancelling sound option) and you will not regret it. Save some money sparing with some vinyls of this biatch (i'm actually a poser because in the end I always buy every single f version of her albums) and focus also on the equipment
  4. That’s the attitude we want in here
  5. We have been already discussing this and decided it’s gonna be 47 tracks long.
  6. I mean BB is going to be track first for sure following her previous albums pattern
  7. Please, don' tell me... every time I get to that "AND I SAW YOU SAW WHO I AM" I am just like a valley of tears! And I love the idea of the booklet made of selfies... I mean at this point it has become her trademark, and it's honestly iconic. Also:
  8. 5Rick

    MARINA (and The Diamonds)

    You're totally right! Except for one thing: knowing when it's time to go off doesn't always mean I can't take it, on the contrary it means that there is no use in talking anymore! Anyways, not gonna post again, promise
  9. 5Rick

    MARINA (and The Diamonds)

    To each their own, dears! I was being provocative without really wanting it and honestly I don't give a shit! And at this point it is useless to go on, soooo enjoy your ancient dreams!
  10. 5Rick

    MARINA (and The Diamonds)

    You're deluded if you care more about the frame and not the painting itself. But as I said, everyone is entitled to voice their opinions and in the end I think it's only natural that not everyone can appreciate a Caravaggio!
  11. I can't stop listening to BB and TB. I know I am nearly obsessed with Lana, but for real, how could it not? To me, she has finally reached that point of her career where you can dislike her songs, but you can''t say she isn't talented. Let's be completely honest. The narrative of BB, the intensity of TB and even WW... these songs are all lirically strong and telling of who she is right now, her place in the world, her experiences and even where she is willing to go. I can't wait for this album. I liked COOC a lot, but now, digging in these 3 new masterpieces, I already feel like I want more of it. I am ready for the next chapter. which will be her chapter, according to her words and songs. I am so thrilled and I feel glad I can get this type of music. I feel blessed honestly. Okay, I just wanted to share my excitement, now it's time to come back to study and crying over TB. Bye!
  12. her power though! Only icons
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