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  1. She aint releasing any more albums this year. mark my words. She'll release a few songs and keep delaying and delaying until she actually has a record made. announcing a new album is a pr stunt for her.
  2. Correction: no more mega slow collabs. Summer Bummer and Groupie Love were fun and great. whereas for free, BUS and the fleetwood mac one were all a snooze
  3. probably one of her worst titles. As a writer, i would rank them like this: Norman Fucking Rockwell Born to Die Ultraviolence Violet Bent Backwards Over the Grass Chemtrails Over the Counry Club Paradise Honeymoon Blue Banisters Lana Del Ray
  4. yes god please - one song with a good beat and a bit of life in it. PLEASE. It's been years (since doin' time).
  5. agreed. The alternative cover wasn't all that either. As for BB (lame title btw, very country), clearly, lana has no interest in playing by any kind of rules she'll become a joke in public eye it's her manager's and pr team's fault
  6. she's just taking the piss w the album release. When will ppl learn? she probably has 3 songs at this point: blue banisters, dealer; and the obligatory closing track cover she announced the album just to get the hype going, but there is no album. I repeat, there is no album my prediction: june 2022 for the album drop
  7. A PUNK lana track would be great to match those movie's vibes. Like a cross between west coast and 'where is my mind' by pixies
  8. Well, Radio, National Anthem, Serial Killer etc are definitely upbeat. Even her ballads like Born to Die and Blue Jeans and Summertime Sadness had a beat. I mean, Lana was actually on the radio in the charts all the time and was considered pop. Her last real attempt at a proper single is Love and Lust for Life because it had The Weekend on it, and Doin' Time. But none of her work with Antonoff charted - not one of the singles. And whilst I love his work on all tree of her last albums, I want the general public to hear her music. Cuz it's super slow. People want to hear music that lifts their mood. Which is why her best performing albums on streaming are BTD and Lust for Life. I keep saying - she needs to put in more effort into her singles. Let me love you like a woman was the worst choice
  9. Seems like you just prefer the upbeat Lana. I personally love the new direction, and think NFR and Chemtrails are some of her best work. But, I do mis her bops like Summertime Sadness, Off to the Races, Cola, High by the Beach and Summer Bummer, Thank God for Doin'' Time and Don't Call Me Angel - they've kept her in the realm of pop music.
  10. an upbeat song would be great. everyone is saying LDR is too depressing to listen to and i'm sick of it.
  11. I'll suck Lana's, but skip yours (into hung only)
  12. Sounds like she has a song coming out. Probably one of the tracks that didn't make it to Chemtrails, or a collab of sorts. It's exciting! But I hope it's more upbeat.
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