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  1. u saying this on a lana fan website is so funny
  2. writing a fan fiction about THAT is insane. WHYYY WOULD SOMEONE WRITE THAT
  3. twinkletoes7

    Song vs. Song

    bartender vs the greatest
  4. I have a theory that this was a random little demo lana had jotted down that she wouldn't have released but jack liked it, and then to finish the song he was attempting to write like lana which is why it feels a little disingenuous from them both. I don't actually hate it but dissecting it lyrically alone sure doesn't make it look great
  5. i am also delusional idk what i did i broke my post
  6. i always thought her music was cute for like little girls in a one direction sort of sense, i am really baffled about her songs being loved to the extent that they are too?? i mean this in the nicest way possible too
  7. i really adore secret life i listen to it all the time
  8. im so sorry but i struggle to listen to peppers in full i wish the snippet wasn’t so repetitive bc i love the vibes i just can’t sit through the last like minute of the song
  9. i wouldn't say this is my favourite, but this song was enlightening to me as a child and is profoundly topical in todays climate for those interested along w the next one but this is the best christmas song.
  10. a lot of the "she romanticises abuse" kind of comments were there but looks like some have been deleted since @Embach posted it
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