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  1. west coast should have started playing when brad pitt punches the junkie, and then stares him deep in the eye by the time the first "i'm in love" is said, then they lip sync the rest of the song including the keyboard solo
  2. unsurprising jack antonoff isn't! maybe next year! for real lana should be inducted tho
  3. Lcampoli

    Charli XCX

    we should start a riot under will.i.am's tweets maybe he can find the hard drive with hbhg he lost years ago
  4. i vaguely remember feeling it a bit with summertime sadness and video games... but then i heard 'cola', and then 'ultraviolence' came out, and i actually started listening to her music. problem with nfr is that i "actually" listened to it, and it's meh. she'll surprise us again, anyway that's what i'm hoping for. she has us questioning our sanity all over the place
  5. jack antonoff wants to be dan auerbach, and the fact that this album is more recognized than ultraviolence is just another example of how whimsical politics run the music business. that's jack antonoff for you! i listened to it the night it was released and that's it (because i can't afford google play anymore anyway) i just play the chords on my guitar and sing it myself when i want to reexperience it
  6. i only listen to the "sad" demo version
  7. shout out to all my nicole dollanganger homies!!!!!!
  8. i've had this argument on this site before and there's no room for discussion with that sort of comment so I guess you'll just have to take my word for it!
  9. this video did exist on youtube once
  10. I saw it at the 'Endless Summer' in Toronto. It was probably the most noticeably back tracked song (w/ vocals), but it really showcased the band for those of us who couldn't take selfies with her in the front row. She opened that show with 'Cruel World' and sang her goddamn heart out. Wasn't a perfect show, but at the same time in retrospect everything about it makes perfect sense. Also fuck awards and fuck grammys. I hope she doesn't win just so jack antonoff can cry about it
  11. i feel like he's trying to be ironic, singing intentionally like a propaganda poster for hipsterism
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