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  1. The vocal delivery in WW is so fucking good where on earth were these vocals for Cocc and nfr??? like she finally sung like her old self again and it was so engaging it carried the song even though it was another piano ballad, Textbook's instrumental was really interesting it reminds me of Summer Wine
  2. hornymoon

    Charli XCX

    no hate to charli but I'm really bored of the direction of her music nowadays I'm really not into AG's production anymore it all sounds like a gay car crash I miss her number 1 angel pop sound or big tiddy graveyard goth gf charli
  3. im thinking about another timeline and dimension where she actually does release rock candy sweet on june of THIS year and it's produced by dan auerbach and rick knowles and it's an album about how she's gonna get revenge and fuck us to death
  4. srry but... some of yall have been around long enough to know damn well that miss gurl aint releasing this record till 2022 at the SOONEST and it's gonna be another piano driven jack produced album
  5. hornymoon


    She really was the vision of trans excellence in art, such a huge loss to our community in every way I'm gutted man
  6. Rick had a pretty good run with Lana tho it was only until lfl when it was obvious that they had both squeezed each other dry creatively and lana was just keeping him there because it felt comfortable to her, with Jack right off the bat for me it's just not been so...dry and half-done especially with the amount of hype lorde stans were giving him pre-release nfr era. I think he's a good friend to lana in the industry but as a producer it's dull, he doesn't have the range idc if he's grammy awarded he's a yes man that doesn't want to push for anything big and challenging or creatively layered but it's obvious that lana likes that about him.
  7. I do like unapologetic lana but I hope she doesn't let that ego get ahead of her and with this interview we can now see the kinda dynamic she has with Jack and why she's continued to collab with him lmao...a true yes man till the end! imo jack is REALLY not good for her artistry, yes man never are he's just there to stroke her ego and tell her she's the bestest. on the music side of things I'm now worried with the words "folk, country album...piano" pls dont let dealer be the yosemite of the era
  8. the dolly lashes.. the nailz...the hair.. we love being served glamour here at lanaboards.com x i rlly have a feeling she's going to give us looks this era
  9. hornymoon

    Charli XCX

    reminder that Ring deserved more and would have been a hit if released x
  10. honestly she looked sooo good in yesterday's pic like the beat..the well done lip filler phew lana really said she a hot girl this summer. Excited she's FINALLY getting back into having a glam team hope she keeps this makeup artist around since his work is really well done..guy knows how to beat a face
  11. she looks hot her tiddies are big ur honour.. can the album cover be of her sunbathing ontop of a car with chemtrails in the sky
  12. Doin' Time is the best song on NFR and probably the only one I'd revisit, the production is clean and lush (probably because it wasn't touched by jackoff), the vocal delivery is gorgeous I love the little nuisances lana does with her voice on the record like the "I love her so bAd" it reminds me of her how she used to used to sing when she had her lolita lost in the hood phase which is cute. The rest of Norman Rockwell...I don't know him.. I didn't know he sang I thought he was a painter or whatever
  13. hornymoon

    Lady Gaga

    I feel like I'm not listening to the same record as you homosexuals it's almost like yall want it to sound bad...like 911 and Replay are a career highlight and those final fantasy esque string interludes... stunning
  14. hornymoon

    Lady Gaga

    y'all are WAYY too damn hard on gaga like she could give us the BTW mugler latex sound and some y'all still wouldn't be happy staying she's not grown...with that said sour candy is way too fucking short and gaga is rlly making music for homosexuals again
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