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  1. the music gonna be beige, chintzy and boring folky oakey dokey granola for brunch type of shit with jackoff on the piano with equally sloppy and uninspiring visuals with a poorly planed era role out..I'm embarrassed I defended her white ass back when she was doing those messy ig rants saying how she a glamorous person and wanna go on the pole again to invoke tropico teas and then gives yall this? sis im done yall can enjoy the meal,
  2. this cover just cemented to me how much I dislike her as an artist now like..what the fuck happened to her and her artistry?? the cover looks like a facebook status update "just had brunch, shout out to these crazy girls!!!" ew.
  3. I haven't been on this thread in a while and I come back to yall dicussing dates from a twitter...witch? chile lemme walk away
  4. Rick had a pretty good run with Lana tho it was only until lfl when it was obvious that they had both squeezed each other dry creatively and lana was just keeping him there because it felt comfortable to her, with Jack right off the bat for me it's just not been so...dry and half-done especially with the amount of hype lorde stans were giving him pre-release nfr era. I think he's a good friend to lana in the industry but as a producer it's dull, he doesn't have the range idc if he's grammy awarded he's a yes man that doesn't want to push for anything big and challenging or creatively layered but it's obvious that lana likes that about him.
  5. country and folk...more stripped down the nfr...jackoff...a nightmare a literal nightmare.. If this is true I'm just gonna pretend this isn't canon and lana del rey hasn't released an album since honeymoon 🙈 folk and country need to be left to dolly parton and thats that
  6. I do like unapologetic lana but I hope she doesn't let that ego get ahead of her and with this interview we can now see the kinda dynamic she has with Jack and why she's continued to collab with him lmao...a true yes man till the end! imo jack is REALLY not good for her artistry, yes man never are he's just there to stroke her ego and tell her she's the bestest. on the music side of things I'm now worried with the words "folk, country album...piano" pls dont let dealer be the yosemite of the era
  7. if a god exists pls dont let this album be like the last one..i really didn't click with nfr,pls jack dont fuck this up u weasel I don't wanna be waiting for months just for a disappointment of half done clanky production and piano ballads that drag on. I rlly wanna like this album...i miss being a lana stan
  8. the dolly lashes.. the nailz...the hair.. we love being served glamour here at lanaboards.com x i rlly have a feeling she's going to give us looks this era
  9. she really enjoys torturing you gays I think its her favourite pastime like I bet she lurks on here with her long arclyic nailz scrolling on her broken iPhone screen cackling to herself...2030 she really had the nerve djjdjdj YALL. The STYLING...THE VINTAGE CAR...THE HAIR..NEIL FUCKING KRUG...last era was minimum effort but THIS ERA IS GONNA BE BALLS TO THE WALL LIKE I CAN TELL
  10. hornymoon

    Charli XCX

    reminder that Ring deserved more and would have been a hit if released x
  11. yall..its not 2012 anymore nicole nodland hardly retouches photos anymore like she did back then, look at her more recent work with dua and other celebs! if nicole is doing the cover..yall chuck better pack up that camera and find something else to do
  12. honestly she looked sooo good in yesterday's pic like the beat..the well done lip filler phew lana really said she a hot girl this summer. Excited she's FINALLY getting back into having a glam team hope she keeps this makeup artist around since his work is really well done..guy knows how to beat a face
  13. if Nicole does the album cover... its over for the girls like if we finally get a chuck free era phew...the manifestation
  14. I'm so excited tho that lana is delving back into her femininity and sexuality i hope she's really unapologetic with it on this record, fuck the new york post
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