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  1. It’s funny the stark contrast between COCC and BB release in Lanaboards and I guess the fandom in general. Almost everyone for the most part loves Blue Banisters, the concept, songs, themes. COCC was different.. everyone was nitpicking at something different. Lana really did THAT with Blue Banisters, a TOP 3 album in her discography. Exquisite
  2. not really an unpopular opinion
  3. She never came to paint our banisters blue make her account public again
  4. HIGHLY recommend the show Maid on Netflix. Best TV Show of 2021
  5. I can’t wait until I finally get used to the old leaked tracks (LL, NotG, and CB) being part of the new record and they seem unified in my head (the album as of now feels a bit disjointed, disconnected because of it, will take some time to adjust). Definitely will be in my top 3 Lana albums, maybe #1 OMG this album is so flawless
  6. This is an amazing observation!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  7. GetFree


    SHUT UP Apple Music has shown the wrong lyrics MANY times before. What’s on Apple Music is NOT a confirmation.
  8. Unpopular opinion: I’m so happy she went for the non-strings version of Beautiful, the sparkly piano was very silenced in the strings version and that would’ve been a shame because it’s so.. beautiful.mp3.
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