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  1. There’s a giant chemtrail over LA right now, her promo is starting!! For real though, it barely feels like a Lana album is coming in two weeks. Maybe I’m just out of the loop but it seems like she’s just gonna drop the album and that’s it. Maybe after the year she’s had that’s for the best EDIT: there’s a second one, double album confirmed!!
  2. I have been innocently living my life thinking February 26th was an official date for "White Dress" just for @HoneymoonDaddy to inform me that this is, in fact, just a rumored date. At least we for sure get the whole album next month.
  3. I know Lana has a bad track history with like, telling random fans on the streets dates and random magazines saying shit, but this year is the first I can remember where she has made official announcements on her official channels and not delivered. It does make me a bit frustrated, less so with this project but more with the tinge of potential truth that 1/11 might come and nothing happen.
  4. Anthem

    MARINA (and The Diamonds)

    Can she just release "Happy Loner" already so I have a soundtrack to be depressed to
  5. Anthem


    I like "just drive" better personally and how it sounds in the song, but I think "just ride" ended up fitting the song/narrative she was getting at more because being along for the ride is more passive/carefree which I think fits the video a lot where she is just a little aimless and taking life as it comes.
  6. Anthem


    I could *not* figure this out but I hear it now! "You think I'll ever transform into the man God meant to make When he began?" Really interesting demo lyrics in the context of some of the other lyrics on Paradise!
  7. I refuse to hear Lana pronounce Arkansas like that so in my head its "our Kansas".
  8. Anthem

    I Talk to Jesus

    This is one of my favorite of the new unreleased tracks. Its beautiful and sad and so.. real? I also always thought her living in Alabama was some fantasy bullshit but now I just don't know. Not that she couldn't have still made this up, but I feel like this gives the story more credibility. I don't know, I just really really love this.
  9. Anthem

    I Talk to Jesus

    Perhaps referring to this? https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Red_letter_edition
  10. This would not bother me if they would just order them in a way that makes sense. It should be Born to Die, Born to Die (Deluxe), Paradise, Born to Die: The Paradise Edition, then Born to Die: The Paradise Edition (Special Version). Like the fact that Paradise comes first irritates me because that isn't how they were released. Also not me not knowing "Burning Desire" was on the special version Disagree about not packaging the two projects together. The death and ascent idea was extremely fascinating.
  11. Anthem

    Instagram Updates

    Because her showing she actively cares about this situation demonstrates to her fans that it is a cause worth caring for in general. Plenty of her fans idolize her, and her speaking up could turn someone who knows what's going on but isn't really paying attention or doing anything about it into another signature on a petition, another dollar donated, and another voice to continue the cycle.
  12. Anthem

    Instagram Updates

    I literally looked this up over the weekend because I wondered if Marina would unfollow Lana and as of at least a few days ago they were still following each other.
  13. Anthem

    Instagram Updates

    I love how she doubled down that *females are who she takes issue with. Not even touching the rest of it. And good god, those of you wanting her to livestream to clarify? If its this bad when she has time to think and edit, I would not want to even imagine what she would say being totally candid and in the moment. I think hearing her voice literally saying this shit would be the end for me.
  14. Anthem

    Instagram Updates

    I'm not really following where we disagree here. I agree that it is ultimately the man's fault for being abusive. My point is that some women perceive themselves as being at fault because men have told them, directly or not, "you are [xyz] which is why I abuse you" rather than admit "I am an abusive person". The fact that Lana used the words "women..like me - the kind.." rather than calling out abusive men directly seems to hint that she herself has internalized that her abuse comes from something about who she is rather than a fault with the men who have abused her.
  15. Anthem

    Instagram Updates

    I think that sentence was off because she is implying that women being abused has something to do with a quality about themselves rather than an issue with the man doing the abuse. It is a way to internalize misogyny and blame oneself for being the "type" of woman that is abused rather than placing the blame on the man for being the abuser.
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