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  1. I was thinking this, but Drama Never Conquered
  2. So I have a theory about Black Bathing Suit. Insiders have described it as an invite. Knowing that it follows Arcadia, I could see it being a metaphor for how she feels she has to censor her body. The black bathing suit could be the censor box we often see in television and this song could be her urge to rip off the black bathing suit and be free in her body and a big fuck you to anyone who has anything bad to say about it. The way Arcadia ends/the trio interlude makes it seem like she’s just getting started in terms of talking about her body. Just a bit of speculation while we wait for the album but I would love if she went in this direction
  3. Hope she forgot her Honeymoon account exists because I love revisiting those posts
  4. Lana is a Russian spy confirmed
  5. Isn’t Chuck’s baby daddy Jason Pickens? Jickens running bare feet!!!
  6. Sorry if this has been talked about already, but I found this at a local record shop! There’s no way this can be a coincidence, right? Maybe we can expect a cover of one of these songs?
  7. Is she talking about Jenny Lewis in BB??
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