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  1. mezzanine

    Lady Gaga

    can't wait for artpop's 10th anniversary to get another remix album in which she's done nothing at all seriously, why can't she just put everything she recorded with terry richardson together and do an album/tour documentary "through the decade"? we know she had to stop when she got injured, but she had HOURS of footage, interviews, making of's from sessions, studio time, photoshoots, it's so evident that she just doesn't want to and it really pisses me off, like ok we get it but do a last effort for your most important album girl no one is asking you for anything else anymore...
  2. mezzanine

    Lady Gaga

    Not excited about the remix album, especially because it's bloodclot who's making it and we've seen what he's done to most instrumentals at the album... but we've already talked about that. Also I'm sorry, but I cannot take half of that collaboration list seriously, especially dorian electra, like, can you picture any other big act doing that? no offense, but they're different leagues, if you wanna see it like that: not better or worse, just playing a different role in the pop world but anyways I just wanted to say that I'm so disappointed at them at the fact that they've dropped nothing for BTW's 10 year anniversary... I expected an amazing limited edition, maybe something similar to but of course, that gaga doesn't exist anymore, I just have to accept it, Oreo & Vegas Gaga is what's left and she's not gonna be this involved anymore. It makes me sad
  3. Maybe "her revenge" is not to talk to media ever again and not giving a single promo shoot/interview
  4. I don't care if the rest of the songs are shit, I'm so happy with Wildflower Wildfire... literally streamed this song more than the entire COCC already
  5. maybe i agree but right now i can only say that i believe in wildflower wildfire supremacy
  6. I haven't been able to connect with it yet, I need to give it another listen with more attention...
  7. can we now just go back to the pussy riot slander? cumming in your face like yeah i'm not listening to this remix ever again
  8. what if... the new merch drop is all about the new album and it's about to drop...
  9. mezzanine

    Lady Gaga

    uggggh that gagavision n42... i can remember jumping to see it and getting super hyped with every little instrumental snippet she was giving like water drops... the golden years of eras+fandoms+internet, before everything started rotting with trolling, bots, etc. - we were so pure ----- The "Galactica" and "Kaotica" albums... I'm not really into plagiarism accusations, fanwars etc, but jesus, it's so evident lol
  10. someone needs to be fired, let's leave it there
  11. Wait, does she really sing the cum on your face you know your place lines? I thought you were kidding i-
  12. too bad that the remix thing got cancelled! anyways, looking forward to the album release
  13. mezzanine

    Lady Gaga

    I totally believe this because you can actually see them shooting the booklet and the btw: the remix album cover etc, plus these showstudio clips released back then, also filmed in these videos
  14. mezzanine

    Lady Gaga

    we need to get her a new satanistilluminatiabramovic extended contract
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