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  1. mezzanine

    La Femme

    La Femme (Wikipedia) Albums Psycho Tropical Berlin (2013) Mystère (2016) Paradigmes (2021) [to be released]
  2. Yes, it's very weird to see like +6 different vinyls with no different content or changes at all but the color... I've bought the yellow and the red ones on that nl store to just have both covers... and regarding the cd I'm considering buying it on that german import shop, but for 30€ and without knowing if it will have anything different I'm just doubting... what would you guys do? I mean, I can just wait, I think that they'll import a considerable amount... I hope lol Ugh, I hate this, it' stressing me for some reason
  3. I hope that she releases a better pack or more merch - I've purchased the red vinyl, the yellow one and the cassette
  4. mezzanine

    Azealia Banks

    Plus, she's not even THAT talented, she's basically a fraud that was well advised by someone that, judging by what she's been releasing during the last years, dumped her when he/she got sick of her lol Her best/classiest tracks are actually instrumentals that she just asked for permission to rap over, her only decent songs are machinedrum, lone, etc. 's existing, not-azealia-influenced, already-by-then finished productions.
  5. Thanks a lot Yes, I check regularly but the only two that send to Europe are from China (hence probably fake again)...
  6. mezzanine

    Azealia Banks

    There are fans of AB saying that she was actually looking to re-settle the cat and looking for someone else to adopt it, then the cat "died"... plus, all of us that have/have had animals living with us know how attached to them you get, they become a part of your family, how do you dig up while singing or mocking about it while recording it with a friend, then posting it on instagram with another video of the remains and the skull literally going afloat... plus we know that she's killed animals before, let´s remember the closet of the chickens she'd decapitate herself + leaving the blood and remains get dry and rot for months or years (said herself). Mark my words: before this decade ends, we'll read about her being involved in human murder, and if not she'll end up injuring herself/somebody else with permanent damages, or worse, she will be dead before 2030 (don't get me wrong, I don't wish this for her, but it looks like this, and then everyone will be like "oh, how did this happen, she was funny, we laughed at her sh*t on Instagram). If no one sees the red flags this kind of f*cked up crap is... And I don't care about the religion card, aztecs sacrificed virgin women and babies and ate their organs raw, thank Universe we're not at that point anymore, beliefs are supposed to evolve with us as well, plus one thing is spirituality and something different a dogma or ending other lives for them then using it to not taking accountability for your own actions. And to finish, unpopular opinion: if she wasn't black she would have never got to this point, she would have never made it out of her homophobia, transphobia, racism, fake abuse claims proven to be fake, med/mental condition-shaming, body-shaming, cultural appropriation of African and South-American cultural aspects she has NOTHING to do/she's not related to, and the list goes on and on, but well, that's another topic on cancel culture and hypocrisy of the mental dump that especially twitter and instagram are.
  7. Hi, first of all I want to really apologize, I know that this topic doesn't go here but I cannot create any at the category where I've seen people selling and buying things, so I hope you forgive me for this and move it if possible to the appropriate category... thanks a lot for understanding I'm looking for a non-overpriced Honeymoon cassette, it's an album that has a very special meaning to me and during my search I've only had bad experiences with fake ones and people trying to scam me, I've almost given up but I wanted to try first before totally forget about it... Thank you very much, any hint will be really appreciated
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