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  1. THIS! I don't understand what all the carry on is about tbh ..... it's not like she was like "Britney shaved her head... damn that bitch was crazed" she was literally saying as a society how did we just joke about that when it was obviously a cry for help
  2. Sorry but it's 100% her going back to him, he has soooooo many pop artists working with/wanting to work with him he's not gonna beg her to work with him. And at the end of the day he creates some of her best music just because he's worked with some mainstream artists I don't know why people here pretend to hate his production on Lana's music xx
  3. Okay so now that all the variants are out can someone give me a definitive answer about which sounds the best? I have the red and yellow (spotify exclusive on the way) and they are fine but have quite a bit of surface noise so I'm looking to get a fourth that actually sounds good
  4. Lol I feel bad watching this it looks like Lana does not want to be there at all or even release the country album
  5. I was not going to pay $50 for a piece of paper so I printed the Lana Speaks cards myself at home and they're honestly really cute
  6. Hi I'm here for my yearly "I like love and fear and I think it's a good album" post
  7. Ahhh the vinyl with the signed print came back on the aus store but it says “Looks like there is a problem with this product. Please try again later.” Do you think it’ll come back? Or did I miss it again
  8. Is there a discount code for ldr village? I wanna bite the bullet but the $32usd shipping for two tees is a bit hectic lmao i wish they would keep the merch from drop 1 up when they put the new one cause then if I want something from a future drop it’s another $32usd lmao
  9. Thann you!! And no don’t be sorry I really appreciate your help ❤️
  10. OMG WHY DO I KEEP MISSING IT this litho will be the actual death of me I swear
  11. If anyone sees the piano litho go up again or has one they would be willing to sell me, pleaseeee let me know Thinking about selling a kidney for one tbh
  12. Yeah but I realised it doesn't ship to Australia when I went to checkout
  13. Ughhhh do you know anywhere that is still selling the 12x12 one that ships internationally? I live in Australia and have missed out on them every time due to them selling out or not shipping and i want one so bad
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