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  1. Someone said that the last three songs are the worst on the album. And I can't agree... The greatest ends with a piano and it feels like the end of summer, so I think it makes a lot of sense that they're piano songs, and they're clearly connected. On Bartender and Happiness is a butterfly, Lana is at the bar shown in the official video for The greatest. Eventually, Lana returns home and in the darkness of her bedroom concludes the album with Hope.
  2. Butterfly Net single artwork
  3. sometimes you guys can be quite creative
  4. well I don't think I liked the ending
  5. the setlist is getting shorter and shorter, at some point there will only be BTD, BJ, SS, DMD, VG and Bartender left.
  6. another .zip of 63 files was also leaked on the same day.
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