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Lana to Release Homemade Music Video for "Let Me Love You Like a Woman" - OUT NOW: October 16th, 2020

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The video made me like the song more. I feel she is very proud of her growth and this feels like a personal insight and like a diary into how she feels when she's on the road and has no one to channel her love into, so she surrounds herself with people who love her to remind her how she feels. Like the song it's not groundbreaking but it feels authentic and wholesome.


On a side note, it feels like she used 1SE to make this. :giggle:


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fuck that was so cute I def think the golf cart was a BTS of another MV... was that Zella and Weyes on the back too? :defeated:I stg if they dont collab 

tumblr_mlk5fk2dDZ1s6jvbvo4_250.gif   tumblr_otaqmarVHa1u9dqtjo3_400.gif  tumblr_mlk5fk2dDZ1s6jvbvo7_250.gif


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it's perfect. lana's got so much in her life that's important to her in addition to & in different ways than romantic love and i love how much she's loving that

That's my why no matter what world i'm in
I'm accessible by only one satellite 

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