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2 minutes ago, Veinsineon said:

and it never will be maw maw :true:

oh no definitely, its still not good compared to the games that came before it but its actually a good game on its own without being biased dfhbnsdh

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so i started playing sims 2 earlier this year and fell very hard for it im in love.. it took a while to get it to work but i figured it out (acottonsock you will always be famous). the cas isnt great but it runs better than sims 4 ever did and its wayyyyyyy more fun. everyone was right. :true: i probably played more hours of sims 2 in a month than i played sims 4 in total


here is my teen sim coming off of the bus with his baby sister who he TOOK TO SCHOOL WITH HIM. i didnt even know this could happen. i cant find anyone talking about a glitch like this. she was probably minutes from getting taken away when they finally got home. he was just feeling silly & goofy. he is making her float with his mind btw


when i sent his other sister to college she randomly completely disappeared from the game one day and i panicked before i realized i could summon her lol. just sims 2 things


also since a lot of us are 2 stans if anyone wants any 4to2 conversions here are literally all of them. i shant keep this treasure for myself https://sims4t2bb.tumblr.com

but ive been wanting to play the other games, and the other week i found a perfect condition ts3 cd at goodwill. my laptop doesnt have a disc drive and i was scared the cd was in good condition because the owner used the code to play instead, and my fears came true....i know my laptop probably wouldnt even run it - thats why i got ts2 in the first place - but making me install the EA app just for nothing is sick & twisted. and then today i wanted to play ts4 just for the cas so i reinstalled after years to discover my shitty processor doesnt even meet the minimum requirements anymore and it keeps crashing on launch :trisha4: so i got mad and pirated sims 1. lets see where this started 


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