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  1. "what's wrong with her lips" FBDSTFBSDTFS
  2. paradiso

    the heartache song she keeps teasing is so GOOD...giving me susanne sundfør vibes. i'm glad indie mø is coming back for this album
  3. paradiso


    i honestly think she just wants to take her time and has the luxury to do so since she isn't one of the pop girls like ariana, dua, etc
  4. i don't expect any artist to serve the same level of visuals for every era but i can't believe the blue bannisters cover is coming from the same woman who released tropico, the ride mv, the cocc video, and many other visual serves...what is going awn here
  5. paradiso

    Zella Day

    okay but we also need tigre...where the hell is she
  6. paradiso

    Charli XCX

    no words...
  7. this thread is messier than charliboards during the leak of xcx world
  8. the lyrics really aren't that bad...it's not nearly on the same level as YEW! so you all better be grateful for that
  9. i got for free ( ) but it spilled when it said i'm an idealist that values art as a form of escapism and enjoys unrequited love...
  10. she shoulda saved the man's world release until the album was actually finished...giving me mac/vb being released 11 months before nfr teas
  11. paradiso

    Charli XCX

    imagine tinashe rapping on the track instead of jay park...omfg
  12. paradiso

    Charli XCX

    you f words need jobs NOW.
  13. paradiso

    Charli XCX

    the addison rae collab is the price we have to pay for the locals eating up unlock it...so sick and twisted
  14. as much as i love roses bloom for you and i want her to continue the legacy of putting lfl outtakes on her albums...i don't see it fitting in with her current state of mind
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